Citibank N.A.

Citibank N.A.


(prior to Mar. 1, 1976, First National City Bank of New York), one of the largest private banks in the USA and the capitalist world. The bank was formed in 1955 by a merger of the National City Bank of New York (established 1812) and the First National Bank of the City of New York (established 1863). From its founding to approximately the mid-20th century, the latter bank surpassed all others in the USA in total assets held and was connected with the Morgans, Stillmans, Rockefellers, and other major financial groups.

Citibank N.A. today has close ties with major corporations in metallurgy (Alcan Aluminium Ltd. and Anaconda Company), machine building and electronics (United Technologies Corp., International Business Machines Corp., and the American Telephone and Telegraph Company), the petrochemical industry (Exxon Corporation), and insurance (Metropolitan Life Insurance Company). The bank has more than 2,000 branches and subsidiaries in 103 countries, chiefly in Latin America, constituting the largest foreign network of its type. It owns 49 percent of the outstanding capital stock of Grindlays Bank, Ltd., in Great Britain and 51 percent of Trinkaus und Burkhardt and 68 percent of the Kundenkreditbank in West Germany. It also owns controlling shares in Canada’s Mercantile Bank of Canada and Australia’s Industrial Acceptance Corporation.

Citibank’s total balance on June 30, 1976, was $56 billion. Capital and reserves totaled $2.9 billion, and deposits and current accounts amounted to $45.9 billion. Loans and discounts totaled $34.3 billion, and securities amounted to $4.8 billion.


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July 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- M&T Bank announced that it has completed its acquisition of 21 Upstate New York branches from Citibank N.
The company announced it has signed a lease agreement for approximately 11 years with Citibank N.
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Columbia University recently named Access Group, the nonprofit graduate loan provider, and The Student Loan Corporation, a subsidiary of Citibank N.
The series 2002A bonds had been rated based upon the support of an irrevocable letter of credit (LOC) issued by Citibank N.
Fitch confirmed its ratings on CXC's CP and MTNs after reviewing the Asset Purchase Agreement dated as of December 18, 1998 and the Second Amended and Restated Administration Agreement dated as of March 15, 2002, which represent that Citibank N.
CONTACT: Beth Mead of Citibank, 212-559-8134/ CO: Citibank N.
The trust will enter into a credit default swap with Citibank N.
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A full collateral default risk coverage provided by a combination of the credit default swap and seller's payment obligations for defaulted collateral; -- The collateral market-to-market risk and set-off risks fully covered by the seller, Citibank N.