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Citrix XenApp

Software from Citrix that provides a thin client, multiuser environment for Windows servers. Formerly WinFrame Server, MetaFrame Server and Presentation Server, Citrix developed this software years ago for Windows NT. See WinFrame and thin client.

Streaming Applications
XenApp provides "local application delivery" by streaming the application as needed to the Citrix Receiver software in the user's machine. XenApp can also integrate with and add more options to Microsoft's own App-V application streaming. See application streaming and App-V.

Thin Client Terminal Access
Also known as "shared sessions," XenApp integrates with and adds numerous performance and management enhancements to Microsoft's Remote Desktop Services, starting with Windows Server 2008 R2, and to Terminal Services running in earlier Windows servers. XenApp also supports more types of client hardware than Microsoft and uses its own ICA protocol to exchange keyboard, mouse and screen data between the server and client terminals.

Also on Unix Servers
For a long time in the Unix world, X Window has provided shared terminal services. To integrate XenApp with Unix, XenApp sets up an X Window partition in the server for each user and converts between X Window and ICA. See X Window.

Citrix Created Multiuser Windows
In 1997, Citrix licensed its MultiWin technology to Microsoft and it became the underlying foundation in Terminal Services and, subsequently, the shared session component in Remote Desktop Services. See thin client, Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services, centralized processing and Citrix XenDesktop.

XenApp Shared Session Mode
XenApp relies on the same Citrix foundation that Microsoft's thin client platform does, but XenApp uses the ICA protocol rather than Microsoft's RDP for transferring keyboard, mouse and screen data.
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To comply with a state law that requires inmates have access to the most up-to-date legal materials, the department partnered with LexisNexis to replace hard copies of legal material with a digital law library accessed via Citrix Presentation Server.
The GateKeeper works seamlessly with Citrix Presentation Server and other Citrix products to enforce security policies, track all events and activities, record sessions and automatically deliver comprehensive audit reports.
Citrix Presentation Server along with Windows Server 2008 enables customers to deliver remote Windows-based applications at a low cost and with high performance for users.
This infrastructure includes solutions such as Citrix Presentation Server for delivering Windows applications, Citrix Desktop Server for delivering Windows desktops, Citrix NetScaler for delivering Web applications and Citrix WANScaler for accelerating the delivery of all applications to branch office users.
Unique in Wyse's approach is that TCX works across all Wyse-based versions of Windows CE, Windows XP embedded, Linux, and Wyse Thin OS, and with the dominant datacenter architectures, Microsoft Terminal Services, Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix Desktop Server, Citrix Access Essentials, and VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).
The Citrix Presentation Server name will remain on all existing product, documentation, support and marketing tools specific to the 4.
June 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Meridian Systems, a provider of enterprise project management software for optimizing capital projects, programs and facilities, announced today an incremental release for Prolog(R) 2007 software that supports the new Microsoft Windows Vista operating system, SQL Server Express 2005, Citrix Presentation Server 4 and IIS 7.
CHICAGO, April 23 /PRNewswire/ -- iQurious(TM) Corporation, leaders of the revolution in infrastructure automation, today released the iQurious Experience, an automation tool that dramatically reduces the time needed to install a single server instance of a Citrix Presentation Server 4.
The new ActivIdentity Solutions for the Citrix Presentation Server product line provides Citrix healthcare and enterprise customers with a government-grade level of identity assurance.
Wyse Thin Clients across all platforms and operating systems, including the recently announced S10 VDI Edition, support extensions to Citrix Presentation Server designed around desktop virtualization architecture.
Adding the EasyCall feature to application delivery solutions like Citrix NetScaler and Citrix Presentation Server makes it easy for users to integrate communication capabilities into the applications used by employees on an everyday basis.