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John's, collected pennies in its penny church bank to purchase supplies for the Francisco Coll School, located next to the Guatemala City dump.
Women do make an appearance at my local city dump but they are in the minority and are only ever seen in the passenger seats of cars.
For the past two years, East-West Urban Forest Products has been milling trees once destined for the city dump into hardwood.
The Nagoya District Court on Friday ordered a former Nagoya city assemblyman, a former official of the city and five construction companies to pay 900 million yen to the city for illegally fixing a bid for construction of a city dump site.
Boyd depicts the racial discrimination in environmental policy-making that resulted in a slaughterhouse being built on one side of the community, and an open city dump located there in the 1950s.
Each day Mary and her students searched the city dump and trash piles behind hotels, picking up cracked dishes, broken chairs, lumber, and other discarded items that could be cleaned and repaired for use in their school.
It is no longer legal to take skimmed flux to the city dump, which leads to stiff fines.
In what he described in testimony as a "spring cleaning," his wife had the boxes carted off to the city dump.
Other urban segments create habitats where humans and animals overlap -- the city dump, park lakes, roadways, back alleys.
Subject of the contract covers the following activities: refi of rain gullies in the streets and squares of the city of Plovdiv formed by sediments and stumbled solid waste; Removing sediment surface in plastic bags; silt load of the vehicle and clean the area around the rain gullies in day of cleaning, disposal of sediments in the city dump on the day of cleaning, replacement of rotted buckets, broken or missing bracelet, replacement, leveling and strengthening broken and missing grille, made of polymer concrete capable of withstanding a load 250 kN ( Class S250 - according to standard EN - BNS 124).
His plans changed after a chance meeting with Sang Ly at the city dump.