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see prisonprison,
place of confinement for the punishment and rehabilitation of criminals. By the end of the 18th cent. imprisonment was the chief mode of punishment for all but capital crimes.
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What does it mean when you dream about jail?

Dreaming about being in jail usually reflects a sense of restriction one feels in one’s outer life, the limiting of one’s creativity. It could also indicate a sense of guilt or self-criticism. Alternatively, the dreamer may need to “put a lock on” certain actions and behavior. Dreaming about being the jailor is similar, though it shifts the focus to our own agency—we are the ones restricting ourselves.


1. A prison.
2. A building or place for the legal detention of persons.


, gaol
a place for the confinement of persons convicted and sentenced to imprisonment or of persons awaiting trial to whom bail is not granted


Dreaming about jail may make you think that you have done something immoral or illegal, or committed an act that merits punishment. You may also have a fear of being trapped emotionally or physically. If you are the jailer, you may have an unconscious desire to exert control over others or in a particular situation. Either way, this dream suggests that you have obstacles in your life that may not be easy to overcome.
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1, 2010, and April 30, 2010, from all 11 New York City jails.
While county jails answer to the commission and the Texas Department of Criminal Justice is responsible for state prisons, city jails are accountable to no higher authority.
The historic Old City Jail is one such place, and today local volunteers from Hampton Hotels' Save-A-Landmark program (www.
The plan all along was for them to go to the city jail after serving their sentence on more serious charges in the Lane County Jail.
There was also considerable unacknowledged "borrowing" in his books, Nobel Prize lecture, and even the much-venerated "I Have a Dream" speech and "Letter from Birmingham City Jail.
The Santa Ana City Jail Juvenile Module, which holds teens who are being tried as adults, contacted Easter Seals to arrange a concurrent "Walk With Me" on the jail premises.
Vendors interested in this RFQ shall attend a mandatory site visit to the Norfolk City Jail to fully assess the specifications of the equipment.
Brittain, a Springfield resident, had been held in the city jail since Feb.
SPRINGFIELD - Seven months after it opened, there's anecdotal evidence that Springfield's city jail is keeping criminals off the streets and putting local residents and business people at ease.
Some of those students were among the Latino extras milling around City Hall, which was doubling as a city jail.
OTCBB:IZZI) today announced the completed installation of Intelli-Site NT(R) security systems integration software at the city jail in Grand Prairie, Texas.
Contract awarded for 12297 City Jail, Building Activity Paraphernalia K901 Furniture