City of David

City of David,

in the Bible, epithet of BethlehemBethlehem
[Heb.,=house of bread or house of Lahm, a goddess], Arab. Bayt Lahm, town (2003 est. pop. 28,000), in the West Bank. It is traditionally considered the birthplace of Jesus and is one of the world's great shrines.
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, the birthplace of David, and of JerusalemJerusalem
, Heb. Yerushalayim, Arab. Al Quds, city (1994 pop. 578,800), capital of Israel. It is situated on a ridge 2,500 ft (760 m) high that lies west of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River.
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, his capital.
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LET us hurry to the walls," said Abel-Phittim to Buzi-Ben-Levi and Simeon the Pharisee, on the tenth day of the month Thammuz, in the year of the world three thousand nine hundred and fortyone--let us hasten to the ramparts adjoining the gate of Benjamin, which is in the city of David, and overlooking the camp of the uncircumcised; for it is the last hour of the fourth watch, being sunrise; and the idolaters, in fulfilment of the promise of Pompey, should be awaiting us with the lambs for the sacrifices.
Jerusalem, Aug 31 (ANI): Israeli archaeologists have unveiled a 2,000-year-old semi-precious cameo bearing the image of Cupid from the City of David.
CDATA[ The City of David invites the public this Passover to join the exciting search for ancient artifacts in rubble taken from the Temple Mount.
com/), a leading global provider of advanced wireless broadband solutions, today announced that its WinLink(TM) 1000 wireless systems were deployed in the City of David landmark in Jerusalem, Israel for video surveillance transmission.
Lewis was the most influential Christian apologist of the 20th century, and Christian apologetics began on that starry Bethlehem night when shepherds abiding in the fields and keeping watch over their flocks by night discovered that the glory of the Lord was shining round about them, and heard the voice of an angel proclaim: "Unto you is born this day in the City of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.
2 on the Richter Scale, was centred about 70 miles south west of the city of David - about 280 miles west of the capital, Panama City, on Sunday.
In the first place, it can hardly be denied that the Jewish nation's roots go way back to ancient times in the land that was called Palestine, which included the whole city of Jerusalem and was, and still is, referred to as the City of David.
PNN The City of David Park, located in the primarily Palestinian neighborhood of Silwan, will be infused with NIS 16 million in a plan that will increase Jewish annexation of East al-Quds.
CDATA[ Time Magazine claims the City of David Foundation is acomplicatinga White House efforts to force Israel to divide Jerusalem with the PA.
Bayt-Dawid (House of David), in this reading, refers not to the Davidic dynasty or the dynastic name of the kingdom of Judah but to the city of David.
Joseph also went from the town of Nazareth in Galilee to Judea, to the city of David called Bethlehem, because he was descended from the house and family of David.
And of course we recognize that others revere Jerusalem as the city of David and the prophets and the city known to Muhammad.