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1 Industrial city (1990 pop. 54,909), seat of Ouachita parish, SE La., on the Ouachita River; founded c.1785, inc. as a city 1900. The center of the great Monroe Natural Gas Field (discovered 1915), it has important chemical plants, as well as pulp, paper, and lumber mills. Automotive parts are also manufactured. The first settlers founded (c.1785) Fort Miró. The community was renamed in 1819 after the James Monroe, the first steamship to come up the Ouachita. The Univ. of Louisiana at Monroe and the Masur Museum of Art are in the city. Antebellum houses remain.

2 City (1990 pop. 22,902), seat of Monroe co., SE Mich., on Lake Erie; settled 1778, inc. 1837. Paper products, heating equipment, plastic tubing, flour, and auto parts are produced. The city has large nurseries and is the shipping point for a farm region. Monroe was the scene of the River RaisinRaisin,
river, 115 mi (185 km) long, rising in S Mich. and flowing E to Lake Erie at Monroe, Mich. After Detroit's surrender in the War of 1812, U.S. troops under Gen. James Winchester, sent to retake Frenchtown (the present Monroe), were crushed there by the British and their
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 massacre during the War of 1812 and the center of the "Toledo War" (see ToledoToledo
, city (1990 pop. 332,943), seat of Lucas co., NW Ohio, on the Maumee River at its junction with Lake Erie; inc. 1837. With a natural harbor and its railroads and highways, Toledo is a port of entry and one of the chief shipping centers on the Great Lakes.
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, Ohio). George A. CusterCuster, George Armstrong,
1839–76, American army officer, b. New Rumley, Ohio, grad. West Point, 1861. Civil War Service

Custer fought in the Civil War at the first battle of Bull Run, distinguished himself as a member of General McClellan's staff in the
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 lived there, and the local museum has a large collection of Custer memorabilia.

3 City (1990 pop. 16,127), seat of Union co., S N.C., in the Piedmont; settled 1751, inc. 1844. It has diverse agriculture, and poultry is processed. Industries include metal fabrication and casting and the manufacture of textiles and apparel, plastic and stone products, pharmaceuticals, industrial machinery, lighting fixtures, and aviation and electronic equipment. Wingate Univ. is in nearby Wingate.



a city in the southern USA, located in the state of Louisiana, on the Ouachita River in the Mississippi Basin. Population, 56,400 (115,400 with suburbs, 1970). Monroe is a railroad junction, and natural gas is produced there. The city’s industries include chemicals, rubber, carbon black, woodworking, and pulp and paper.


1. James. 1758--1831, US statesman; fifth president of the US (1817--25). He promulgated the Monroe Doctrine (1823)
2. Marilyn, real name Norma Jean Baker or Mortenson. 1926--62, US film actress. Her films include Niagara (1952), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), and Some Like It Hot (1959)
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Sharing in Governor Jindal's optimism, Boyd Douglas added, "We are excited about our partnership with the State of Louisiana, the City of Monroe and OEDC Land Corporation.
Details: More information about the Mason Run Project including copies of the Mason Run Pattern (for the cost of color reproduction and postage) is available from City of Monroe Department of Community Development, 120 East First Street, Monroe, Michigan 48161.
It was at this point that La-Z-Boy contacted the City of Monroe and offered the site.
The Class representatives in the class action were 1199 SEIU Greater New York Pension Fund ("1199 Fund") (formerly Local 144 Nursing Home Pension Fund) of New York City, the City of Monroe (Michigan) Employees Retirement System, and Jefferson Bank.
The City of Monroe is a project partner, and will manage the project funding.
It's also an exciting time for me to share actual examples of how the City of Monroe is dealing with those issues by having these colleagues visit my community and meet with our leaders.
Fitch Ratings has assigned an initial 'BBB-' rating to the City of Monroe, Louisiana (the city) $16 million sales tax increment revenue and refunding bonds (economic development projects -- Garrett Road economic development area), series 2003.
To relieve traffic congestion, the company is working with the City of Monroe, La.
Error in Wednesday report: The city of Monroe has received $2.
The City Of Monroe has invested about $1,080,000 in the project.
2 million of general obligation bonds as a lead manager for the City of Monroe, Ga.
The decision by ACCENT to select Monroe was made easier by the involvement of several key individuals and their respective organizations including the State of Louisiana, the Ouachita Economic Development Corporation, and the city of Monroe.

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