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A re-seller of Internet connections to the PIPEX backbone.

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Address: CityScape Internet Services, 59 Wycliffe Rd., Cambridge, CB1 3JE, England. Telephone: +44 (1223) 566 950.


Represented by the silhouette of groups of urban structures that make up a skyline, including distinguished landmarks as well as natural elements, such as rolling hills, mountains or large bodies of water.
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Cityscape Dubai will kick off with the Real Estate Leadership Strategy Summit bringing together the shrewdest real estate investors from around the world to address the trends, strategies and opportunities in the global market place.
The World Architecture Congress is also part of the Cityscape programme.
During my residency, people would sit there for an hour, people would start talking, go for a coffee to talk together about the links that had been established just by looking at the cityscape - and all the basis of having daubs of paint on a canvas.
Ben Johnson is signing copies of the book Cityscape - Ben Johnson's Liverpool and prints of the Liverpool Cityscape at the Walker Art Gallery from 11am to 1pm today.
His cityscapes embody the dream of the bustling city, as well as real memories and experiences of living in New York.
Other artists, such as Czech Republic-born Martina Shapiro, prefer to create cityscapes that don't necessarily depict a particular city.
By coming to market with an all-cash proposition and an ability to make a "buy" decision within days of an offering's receipt, Berger believes that Cityscapes differs from other investors who first have to seek institutional financing.
While Cityscapes invests for itself, it also acts as an advisor to offshore groups, pension funds, and private limited partnerships," Berger said.
Having the mutual city-culture relation in mind, it becomes obvious that the visualisation of the cultural phenomena in the cityscape is inevitable.