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A re-seller of Internet connections to the PIPEX backbone.

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Address: CityScape Internet Services, 59 Wycliffe Rd., Cambridge, CB1 3JE, England. Telephone: +44 (1223) 566 950.


Represented by the silhouette of groups of urban structures that make up a skyline, including distinguished landmarks as well as natural elements, such as rolling hills, mountains or large bodies of water.
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Revelatory as it was 31 years ago, Bakker's thesis left out a host of other contributing factors in the development of the Dutch cityscape, such as the independent tradition of the architectural capriccio, exemplified in prints by Hans Vredeman de Vries, whose complete mastery of the rules of perspective allowed him to depict improbable combinations of buildings, sculptures, streets and piazzas with an oftentimes amusing credibility.
Bakker's essay in the 'Pride of Place' catalogue broadens his account of the cityscape to include the influence of Vredeman de Vries and, in keeping with the show's selection of pictures, a multitude of artists better known for working in other genres, such as Hendrick Vroom, the depicter of naval battles.
Yesterday he presented a print of the Liverpool Cityscape to the Queen on her visit to the city, but was more interested in wondering what happened to some of the members of the public who used to visit him as he worked.
Cityscapes is an active investor in industrial parks located in the U.
Now in its seventh year and the largest business-to-business real estate investment and development event in the world, Cityscape Dubai will feature a series of important conferences where the industry's leading experts will focus on world and regional developments.
By coming to market with an all-cash proposition and an ability to make a "buy" decision within days of an offering's receipt, Berger believes that Cityscapes differs from other investors who first have to seek institutional financing.
While Cityscapes invests for itself, it also acts as an advisor to offshore groups, pension funds, and private limited partnerships," Berger said.
Microsoft has been advised of CityScapes superior trademark rights in the event Microsoft attempts to use the name on an external basis.
Thus, it may be resumed that the hypertext reflects the contemporary ways of reasoning and perception of information and of environmental characteristicts of the megapolitan culture, which should be employed in the patterning the most typical features of the megapolitan cityscape.
Prominent figures in the Kingdom's hierarchy will be taking part in Cityscape Saudi Arabia which is being held under the patronage of HRH Prince Misha'al bin Majed bin Abdulaziz, the Governor of Jeddah Province, who will carry out the grand opening.
One million new homes will be needed in Saudi Arabia over the next five years as the Kingdom takes the leading regional role in real estate development and investment,say the organizers of Cityscape Saudi Arabia.