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Ciudad Juárez:

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officially Heroica Ciudad Juárez, city (1990 pop. 789,522) Chihuahua state, N Mexico, on the Rio Grande opposite El Paso, Tex. Connected with the United States by three international bridges, it is a shipping point and highway and rail terminus.
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, Mexico.

Ciudad Juárez


a city in northern Mexico, in the state of Chihuahua. Situated on the Río Bravo del Norte (Rio Grande), across the border from El Paso, Texas (USA), with which it is linked by bridge. Population, 475,000 (1973). Ciudad Juárez is a highway and railroad junction linking Mexican routes with the transportation network of the USA. It has enterprises of the food-processing, textile, and metalworking industries. There is also tourism, mainly from the USA. The city was founded in 1659.

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The media reports said Acosta Hernandez was behind a cell phone-detonated car bomb that killed four people in Ciudad Juarez in July of 2010, the first attack of its kind in Mexico's drug war, and ordered the killing of at least a dozen more.
But in the last four years, shootings, beheadings and other violent crimes have surged in Ciudad Juarez, and the number of teens caught smuggling drugs into El Paso has slowed to barely a trickle.
REDCo also reported that northbound commercial truck traffic through the Ciudad Juarez border increased by 14 percent in 2010.
Estimates of the total number of people who have left Ciudad Juarez during the past three years vary, ranging from a low of 100,000 to a high in the neighborhood of 400,000.
com)-- Fusion Specialties' Ciudad Juarez, Mexico plant recently manufactured and delivered 35,000 polyurethane mannequins to a major U.
Over 1,800 people have been murdered in Ciudad Juarez this year alone, compared to over 3,000 in 2010.
But the narcocorridos craze is ancient history to today's youth, who are filling stadiums across northern Mexico, and whose music is redefining the cultural scene in Ciudad Juarez.
Our new facility in Ciudad Juarez will enhance our position in providing competitive and convenient services to our customers that are developing, deploying and managing connected devices.
The nearly 50 entry-level Foreign Service officers serving in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, have formed a Legacy Committee to give back to the community they call home.
Ciudad Juarez is also known as Mexico's "city of dogs" with a total of 200,000 stray dogs - German shepherds, Labradors and the poodle - roaming its streets.
Mexico City: Mexican police found Sunday a family of eight, including three children, stabbed to death and tied down in their home in the northern city of Ciudad Juarez.
The larger portion of this text discusses El Paso, Texas, the boring sister to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.