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C17H30O 9-Cycloheptadecen-1-one, a macrocyclic ketone component of civet used in perfumes because of its pleasant odor and lasting quality; believed to function as a sex attractant among civet cats.



(also cycloheptadecen-9-one), an unsaturated alicyclic ketone having the structural formula

Civetone is a colorless crystalline compound with an unpleasant odor. It has a melting point of 32.5°C and a boiling point of 158°–160°C at 0.26 kN/m2. It is soluble in alcohol.

Civetone is the source of the characteristic odor of civet, which is secreted by special glands of the civet cat (seeMUSK). It is used in the form of a tincture in the preparation of perfumes and eaux de cologne.

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