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The Peace Airport would be the fifth civil airport in Tibet, after Gonggar airport in Lhasa, Bamda airport in Qamdo, Mainling airport in Nyingchi and Gunsa airport in Ngari.
com/research/380b81/research_report_on) has announced the addition of the "Research Report on China's Civil Airport Industry, 2008-2010" report to their offering.
6 Influence of China's air transport industry on its civil airport industry
The serious safety flaw was reported to the Civil Airport Authority.
For JPJets the exhibition was a unique opportunity to show the company's services provided from Amman Civil Airport and Al Hussein International Airport in Aqaba; those services include ground handling, businessmen air charters, air ambulance and many other services.
In the short term they have to get an air freight company in place, they need a civil airport management structure and they need some customs and immigration.
In the beginning of the summer season, Bulgarian PM Boyko Borisov had announced plans to convert the military facility near Balchik into a civil airport to better serve Bulgaria's northern sea resorts Golden Sands, Albena, as well as further tourists locations to the north.
ANBAR / Aswat al-Iraq: Semi final agreements have been reached to change parts of the Habaniya Airbase in al-Anbar province into a civil airport.
ZARANJ (PAN):Five remote-controlled aircraft made by an Afghan on Wednesday made their test flight at the civil airport in southwestern Nimroz province.
Last Friday, five planes from Middle East Airlines fleet were evacuated to Queen Alia International Airport and the Amman Civil Airport after the Israeli aggression on Lebanon inflicted heavy damage on the Beirut International Airport.
CIVIL AIRPORT SINCE 1972: Cardiff International Airport only employs about 100 people, the rest are employed by other companies like tour operators.
TAMS was the original master planner and design firm for Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport; the company also completed a master plan and environmental work, and currently is the program manager for design and construction, for a $312 million civil airport at Scott Air Force Base in Illinois.

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