Civil Case

Civil Case


in Soviet law, a case concerning a dispute affecting the rights and lawful interests of citizens or legal persons or a case to establish a fact of juridical significance that is tried and decided by a court.

The law provides for three categories of civil cases: cases involving disputes arising from civil, family, labor, and kolkhoz legal relationships, cases arising from administrative legal relationships, and special proceedings. (The last category includes cases to establish facts of juridical significance, to recognize a citizen’s status as a missing person, to declare a citizen’s death, or to declare a citizen’s limited transactional capacity or lack of transactional capacity.) As a rule, a civil case is initiated by an interested party who files a statement of claim, complaint, or petition, depending on the category of the case. A civil case may also be initiated by a declaration of the procurator, and, in instances in which the law permits the intervention of the court for the defense of the rights and interests of other persons, a civil case may be initiated by a declaration by agencies of the state administration, public organizations, and individual citizens.


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I hear that Jotham Riddel and the man who bought his betterments have agreed to leave their difference to men, and I don’t think there’ll be more than two civil cases in the calendar.
A CHEF may take a civil case against the PSNI over the delay in proceedings against him in the wake of the Castlereagh break-in.
Andrew's Abbey in Valyermo, the attorney handling their civil case said.
Prosecutors in the past declined to file criminal charges, citing insufficient evidence, but said after charges were filed that proceedings in the civil case changed the ``character of the evidence.
Before Tuesday's arrest, the two men had settled a civil case with the Securities and Exchange Commission on similar charges.
Rex Parris, the attorney representing the O'Keefe family in the civil lawsuit, said his office gave prosecutors evidence from the civil case about six months ago.
I have no idea where the National Enquirer would have gotten that idea, but then again, I don't have any idea where they get any of their so-called news,'' said Peter Ezzell, Blake's attorney in the civil case being heard in Los Angeles Superior Court in Burbank.
The investigative services field has changed dramatically over the past decade; today, nearly every civil case, and many criminal cases, require technical support," said Welch.
Stuart Wolff, 42, who was Homestore's CEO and chairman from 1997 until his resignation in 2002, and Peter Tafeen, 36, who reported directly to Wolff as an executive vice president from 1997 through 2001, were accused in a federal grand jury indictment handed up this week and in a civil case filed by the Securities and Exchange Commission.
John Garamendi's testimony came in the trial of a civil case filed by his office against a French company that eventually took over Executive Life and part of its large junk bond portfolio from the original buyer, the large French bank Credit Lyonnais.

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