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1. a subdivision of a diocese, having its own church and a clergyman
2. the churchgoers of such a subdivision
3. (in England and, formerly, Wales) the smallest unit of local government in rural areas
4. (in Louisiana) a unit of local government corresponding to a county in other states of the US
5. the people living in a parish
6. on the parish History receiving parochial relief



the smallest administrative district in the Christian church, the center of which is a church.

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The name of a spring Lambakula oja, in Parnu district, Surju civil parish, might refer to a village that no longer exists.
Mow Cop Castle, Cheshire |MOW Cop Castle is a folly at Mow Cop in the civil parish of Odd Rode, Cheshire.
Pasteis de nata were created before the 18th century by Catholic monks at the Jeronimos Monastery in the civil parish of Santa Maria de Belem, in Lisbon.
Alveley is a village and civil parish in south east Shropshire, on the east side of the River Severn.
The modern Frankley estate belongs to the New Frankley civil parish which has only been part of Birmingham since 1995.
Also, although not known to us "Also, although not known to us at the time, the locality had to be 'an administrative area known to law' such as an ecclesiastical or civil parish.