Claisen Rearrangement

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Claisen rearrangement

[′klā·sən ‚rē·ə′rānj·mənt]
(organic chemistry)
A thermally induced sigmatrophic shift in which an allyl phenyl ether is rearranged to yield an ortho-allylphenol.

Claisen Rearrangement


the migration of an allyl or substituted allyl group in allyl ethers of phenols (1) or enols (2) with the formation, respectively, of ortho-allyl phenols or C-allyl derivatives of keto-enols:

The Claisen rearrangement is widely used in organic synthesis, in particular for the synthesis of natural compounds.

The rearrangement was discovered by the German chemist L. Claisen in 1912.


Organicheskie reaktsii, collection 2. Moscow, 1950. Pages 1–60. (Translated from English.)
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g]) at 105[degrees]C and a exothermic peak at 264[degrees]C corresponding to the Claisen Rearrangement of the allyl groups [32], While the H-bonding between the residue phenolic OH groups would lead to a higher [T.
Base catalyzed Claisen condensation of 7a with 4-hydroxy benzaldehyde in presence of LiOH-[H.
Finally, distillation was continued from a Claisen flask up to 560[degrees]C.
Claisen condensation, Diels-Alder, Grignard, Hoffman rearrangement, Robinson-Schopf, Schotten-Bauman, Swern's oxidation, Ullman Ether synthesis, Williamson synthesis .