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Claremont Colleges,

at Claremont, Calif.; including five liberal arts and sciences colleges and two graduate schools; founded 1925, known until 1961 as the Associated Colleges at Claremont. Their history began with Pomona College (inc. 1887, opened 1888; coeducational), which centers its curriculum in the social sciences and humanities. Scripps College (chartered 1926, opened 1927; for women) has noted programs in the humanities and fine arts. Claremont McKenna College (chartered and opened 1946; coeducational) concentrates on preparing students for careers in business, the professions, and government. Harvey Mudd College (inc. 1955, opened 1957; coeducational) stresses mathematics, science, and engineering. Pitzer College (founded 1963; coeducational) emphasizes the social and behavioral sciences. Clarement Graduate Univ. (1925) offers degrees in 16 fields of study and the Keck Graduate Institute (1997) concentrates on the biosciences. The Claremont Univ. Center is the central coordinating institution. The schools have numerous research centers in science, engineering, government, international affairs, and the environment.
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Home to The Claremont Colleges, the Southern California city boasts a thriving culinary scene, an active arts and music community, Fair Trade shopping and hand-curated merchandise at many of its locally owned boutiques, and more than 450 inviting guest rooms.
Today, Scripps is a nationally top-ranked liberal arts college and women's college with approximately 950 students, and is a member of The Claremont Colleges in Southern California.
Asking what place, if any, the Maya have in the modern world, Lerner (media studies, Claremont Colleges, California) explores what the astonishing ruins scattered across southeastern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras reveal about the living Maya and their potential to enter into modernity.
Pitzer College, a member of the Claremont Colleges, invites applications for a tenure-track Asst.
Fiske Museum at The Claremont Colleges in California.
A member of The Claremont Colleges, in Claremont, California, CMC is consistently ranked among the nation's best colleges.
KNOWN FOR ITS FOCUS ON engineering, science, and mathematics education, the 700-student liberal arts school--part of California's Claremont Colleges consortium--has done well in realizing its vision of attracting the brightest students.
Pomona, which has competed as Pomona-Pitzer since 1975, most anticipates its showdown with Claremont-Mudd-Scripps, with which it forms the five Claremont colleges.
Claremont's visitor attractions include the Folk Music Center, owned by musician Ben Harper and family; the 86-acre Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, the largest botanic garden dedicated to California's native plants; galleries and libraries at the Claremont Colleges ; and the Raymond M.
This is like having one of the Norton Simon galleries dropped into our building,'' said Larry Hurst, who prepared the exhibit, which is on loan through March 19 from the Pomona Museum of the Claremont Colleges.
Claremont Dec 6-21, Inland Pacific Ballet, Bridges Auditorium, Claremont Colleges, 450 N College Way, 909.
Alf Museum of Paleontology at the Webb Schools; and galleries and libraries at the Claremont Colleges.

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