Claremont Colleges

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Claremont Colleges,

at Claremont, Calif.; including five liberal arts and sciences colleges and two graduate schools; founded 1925, known until 1961 as the Associated Colleges at Claremont. Their history began with Pomona College (inc. 1887, opened 1888; coeducational), which centers its curriculum in the social sciences and humanities. Scripps College (chartered 1926, opened 1927; for women) has noted programs in the humanities and fine arts. Claremont McKenna College (chartered and opened 1946; coeducational) concentrates on preparing students for careers in business, the professions, and government. Harvey Mudd College (inc. 1955, opened 1957; coeducational) stresses mathematics, science, and engineering. Pitzer College (founded 1963; coeducational) emphasizes the social and behavioral sciences. Clarement Graduate Univ. (1925) offers degrees in 16 fields of study and the Keck Graduate Institute (1997) concentrates on the biosciences. The Claremont Univ. Center is the central coordinating institution. The schools have numerous research centers in science, engineering, government, international affairs, and the environment.
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The competition was open to students age 18 years and older registered as undergraduates in specific film and television departments at selected colleges and universities in the Los Angeles area: the California Institute of the Arts; the California State Universities at Fullerton, Long Beach, Los Angeles and Northridge; Chapman University; the Claremont Consortium of Colleges; Los Angeles Community College; Los Angeles Valley College; Loyola Marymount University; San Bernardino Valley College; the University of California at Los Angeles; and the University of Southern California.
BUSINESS WIRE)--July 7, 1998-`-Keck Graduate Institute of Applied Life Sciences, a new graduate school dedicated to applied life sciences in the Claremont Consortium of Colleges, Tuesday announced it has received a $1 million grant from The Fletcher Jones Foundation to help build infrastructure for its new campus.
The Keck Graduate Institute is a member of the Claremont Consortium of Colleges, which includes five undergraduate colleges and two graduate institutions.

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