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A device for filtering a liquid.



an installation for water purification in a water-supply system. It is used to remove suspended matter and colloidal impurities from water by passing the water upward through a layer of flocculant sediment, which was previously produced by a coagulant. The rate of upward flow in the clarification zone is controlled and ranges from 0.6 mm/sec (relatively clear, low-turbidity water) to 1.4 mm/sec (high-turbidity water), depending on the impurities present. The sediment layer in the clarifier must be at least 2 m thick, and the protective layer of clarified water above it must be at least 1.5 m deep. The excess of sediment is removed through receiving ports or pipes and passes into a sediment compactor, whose volume is 20–40 percent of the clarifier volume.

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The fast adoption of the Millad NX 8000 technology over traditional clarifiers has been driven by the material's cleaner, fresher look and inherent sustainability benefits versus competitive products.
3) Remaining solids are forced to the surface by a dissolved air flotation clarifier.
Long basins called primary clarifiers then remove solid particles that remain.
Depending on the specific product requirement and end user needs, Westfalia can supply a clarifier with a solid-wall bowl or one with a self-cleaning bowl to suit the required duty.
A sidestream of clean hot water from the clarifier is discharged at a rate of 45 gal/min to the sanitary sewer for control of dissolved solids in the water system.
Replace clarifier mechanism and primary sludge pumps.
Westfalia separator has produced an aseptic version of its proven CSE 80 clarifier.
This study evaluated the possible use of porous sodium aluminosilicate (zeolite) as a wet end filler and as a white water clarifier in dissolved air flotation.
In addition, the company has plans to replace the wastewater system's existing clarifier.
Description : Design and Construct an additional secondary clarifier at wastewater treatment plant
A leading South Coast fish producer is significantly reducing the cost of its wastewater disposal, thanks to Salsnes Clarifier, which is available exclusively in the UK from Vexamus Water.