class hierarchy

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class hierarchy

A set of classes and their interrelationships.

One class may be a specialisation (a "subclass" or "derived class") of another which is one of its "superclasses" or "base classes".

When a method is invoked on an object it is first looked for in the object's class, then the superclass of that class, and so on up the hierarchy until it is found. Thus a class need only define those methods which are specific to it, and inherits methods from all its superclasses.

See also: multiple inheritance.
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In addition, the data model supports classes and class hierarchies, including an inheritance concept and grouping functionality.
But a great wave was breaking: feminism, agnosticism, the meltdown of old certainties and class hierarchies - all those events, in fact, that determined, a century and a half later, the mental world in which we find ourselves.
They explain Android programming basics, including installing the Android software development kit, Java, the components of an Android application, getting the application into users' hands, and Eclipse; the Android framework, including its user interface and graphics class hierarchies, concurrency, and databases; code skeletons and patterns for accelerating the development of apps that use web data and Android 4 user interface conventions and APIs; and Android's multimedia, search, location, sensor, and account APIs, as well as using the Native Development Kit for advanced capabilities.
Currently available visualization tools are effective at displaying small-scale parts of the program structure such as fragments of class hierarchies and subsets of the call graph, but it is infeasible to use those tools to show whole-program structures.
In doing so the chapter argues that the notions of corruption embedded in the Western premises of the state and civil society activism may be inadequate to examine the process of capture by which the local class hierarchies are reinforced and perpetuated through the mechanisms of participatory development.
First, how do gender, race, and class hierarchies and ideologies influence adopter perceptions of their children?
These are remarkable achievements for anyone, especially for a Black man of working-class origins in an era of gross racial discrimination and social class hierarchies.
O'Connor argues that Ecuadorian politicians deployed gender stereotypes to buttress racial and class hierarchies that exploited native people.
A more rigid tuning is achieved by replacing entire methods and classes in class hierarchies.
The 22 selected technical papers discuss such topics as discovering comprehension pitfalls in class hierarchies, tool support for localizing faults using architectural models, improving the dataflow-based concern identification approach, and analyzing the evolution of the source code vocabulary.
Main RDFS constructs for the description of ontologies are committed for describing resource class hierarchies {rdfs:subClassOf} and resource property relationships {rdfs:subPropertyOf, rdfs:domain, rdfs:range}.
This provides means for creation of complex class hierarchies.