Classical Period

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Classical Period


a period in the history of ancient Greek art, embracing the fifth century B.C. and the first three quarters of the fourth century B.C.

The social basis of art in the classical period was a slaveholding democracy that established itself in the majority of the Greek city-states, including Athens. Art of the classical period combined realistic artistic principles with civic aesthetic ideals and democratic tendencies. During the classical period the regular planning of cities was developed; among the founders of this science was the architect Hippodamus. The order system of architecture practiced by Ictinus and Callicrates achieved a high degree of harmony and tectonic balance. Perfect human forms combining spiritual and physical beauty were created by the sculptors Myron, Polyclitus, Phidias, Scopas, and Praxiteles, as well as by Lysippus, whose creative work was also linked with the next historical stage. It is customary to divide the classical period into three subperiods: early classical, with a “severe style,” in the first half of the fifth century B.C.; high classical, in the second half of the fifth century B.C.; and late classical, 400–325 B.C.


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The fall of communism removed the last leg on which classical era space law stood--the rejection of private enterprise in space.
There had been an evolution in the style or genre in which theology was carried out, from the public oratorical letter addressed to a worthy patron typical of the classical era, to the more specialized treatise on a narrow topic intended for an academic or theological audience.
The work is divided into four sections covering Ireland and the birth of political economy, the classical era and the rise and fall of laissez-faire economic policy, twentieth century Irish contributions to economic theory and shifting economic paradigms in the modern era.
Damascus, (SANA)- The Exhibition of "Dialogue Among Civilizations", opened at the National Museum in Damascus on January 18 and lasts until March, includes 26 archeological pieces representing different eras starting from the Bronze Era throughout the Iron Age, the Classical Era until the Islamic Era.
It was housed in a temple, which was robbed soon after it was demolished in the classical era.
I do not recall ever seeing an argument that C minor was so important to Mozart; I was under the impression that Mozart's G minor works were the place to look for dramatic opposition in the Classical era.
Classical Era selections include sonatinas by Latour (Book 1), Kuhlau (Books 2, 3), and C.
It surprisingly lacks what would appear to be an important source or at least a source with which any English reader on the subject would be familiar: The Guitar and Its Music: From the Renaissance to the Classical Era by James Tyler and Paul Sparks (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002).
This exhibition traces the depictions of the nativity from the Byzantine tradition and western Medieval art to the 17th century, while also going beyond the Baroque period, which was the stepping stone towards the Renaissance and the Classical era.
Charles Roubaud's economical and efficient direction steered clear of the pompous tones of the Classical era while remaining faithful to the period, thanks to Katia Duflot's sumptuous costumes, Emanuelle Favre's setts, Marie-Jeanne Gauthe's pertinent video projections and Marc Delameziere's stage lighting.
Wolfgang Mozart: influential composer of the Classical era
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