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the management of forest lands for wood, water, wildlife, forage, and recreation. Because the major economic importance of the forest lies in wood and wood products, forestry has been chiefly concerned with timber management, especially reforestation, maintenance of
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Their features were clear cut and handsome in the extreme; their eyes were well set and large, though a slight narrowness lent them a crafty appearance; the iris, as well as I could determine by moonlight, was of extreme blackness, while the eyeball itself was quite white and clear.
Slowly his face inclined toward hers, closer and closer his iron muscles pressed her to him, and then, clear cut and distinct before his eyes, he saw the corpse of the Outlaw of Torn swinging by the neck from the arm of a wooden gibbet, and beside it knelt a woman gowned in rich cloth of gold and many jewels.
As the reinforcements started to scale the vessel's side Number Thirteen's searching eyes found the girl in Muda Saffir's prahu, where it lay a little off from the Ithaca, and as the first of the enemy clambered over the rail she saw a smile of encouragement light the clear cut features of the man above her.
It was that dim grey hour when things are just creeping out of darkness, when everything is colourless and clear cut, and yet unreal.
A few miserable, greenish hovels, hanging over the water in front of these sumptuous Hôtels, did not prevent one from seeing the fine angles of their façades, their large, square windows with stone mullions, their pointed porches overloaded with statues, the vivid outlines of their walls, always clear cut, and all those charming accidents of architecture, which cause Gothic art to have the air of beginning its combinations afresh with every monument.
Local company Clear Cut Auto Glass, which also offers sunroof repair and installation and window regulator replacement, has partnered with local online marketing firm Prospect Genius.
In 1975, the then 31-year-old had just taken over training at Towton, North Yorkshire from his stepfather WA 'Charlie' Hall and with Clear Cut landed a huge prize in the Mackeson, now Paddy Power, Gold Cup.
Singh didn't give any clear cut assurance, Rao also said Manmohan Singh had asked to call off the strike.
Sources said that Maulana advised the Prime Minister to adopt a clear cut policy against the US allegations.
The Candystripes opened well creating three clear cut scoring opportunities during the opening 10 minutes but they were punished for their failure when Rovers sensationally broke the deadlock in the 28th minute.
Bryant homes has teamed up with Clear Cut Mortgages, the independent national mortgage adviser, to take the hassle out of home buying.