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see forestryforestry,
the management of forest lands for wood, water, wildlife, forage, and recreation. Because the major economic importance of the forest lies in wood and wood products, forestry has been chiefly concerned with timber management, especially reforestation, maintenance of
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He was a very handsome young man, of medium height, with firm, clearcut features.
In many climes he had looked upon women of all shades and ages, but never upon a more clearcut, handsome face, nor a more erect, supple, and womanly figure.
Thinner: ClearCut does not compromise on high-speed conversion and dispensing, while using thinner constructions.
Our study is distinctive because we are tracking the changes in capture rates over 15 years of regeneration on replicate clearcut stands.
The Ontario provincial government has made final plans for a decade of clearcut logging on Grassy Narrows' homeland against the community's objections.
Sustainability improvements from the ClearCut range of adhesives are also substantial, as shown by an Avery Derinison[TM] GreenPrint analysis.
As opposed to selective timber harvesting, where only the trees used for lumber production are removed, in a clearcut, all of the vegetation is removed--with major repercussions.
Greenpeace started the "Kleercut" campaign on university campuses across the United States because of concerns about Kimberly-Clark's use of wood fiber from clearcut forests--including the endangered North American Boreal forest--and low use of post-consumer recycled content.
Walking in with him, I pointed out the trail along the edge of the clearcut and told him he would need to draw his bow when a buck went behind a tree at 30 yards.
It's the best science we've got in terms of giving us some direction for the range of clearcut size.
In this regard Scribner has determined that Protestants no less than Catholics maintained a clearcut distinction between the sacred and the profane, and were just as intent on bridging the two realms by quasi-sacramental, magical means.
DANIEL NARDIELLO shone for Barnsley in a game that was full of endeavour but suffered from a distinct lack of clearcut chances.