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in music: see musical notationmusical notation,
symbols used to make a written record of musical sounds.

Two different systems of letters were used to write down the instrumental and the vocal music of ancient Greece. In his five textbooks on music theory Boethius (c.A.D. 470–A.D.
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Music one of several symbols placed on the left-hand side beginning of each stave indicating the pitch of the music written after it


(Commercial Licensed Evaluation Facility) A facility licensed by the U.K. government that performs formal security evaluations of information technology.
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Les Clefs d'Or members have a never-ending network of acquaintances, friends and colleagues from around the world to assist them in meeting and exceeding guest demands.
Other winners of the 40th anniversary O2 Silver Clef Awards, sponsored by music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins, are Kasabian, who will be presented with the Royal Albert Hall Best Group award, Rita Ora as Vevo Best Female, Jake Bugg as AEG Live Best Male and James Bay, who will receive the Jack Daniel's Best Newcomer prize.
It is now time, we groom young talent, and train and guide them as the future ambassadors of Les Clefs d'Or UAE," Sam added.
The recognition of the Qatar Chapter was announced during the 61st Les Clefs d'Or International Congress held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, last month.
Ferrer added: A concierge becomes a Les Clefs d Or member by perfecting his or her skills and competencies.
Council leader Gordon Matheson said: "The Tartan Clefs have become synonymous with celebrating - and rewarding - Scotland's rich and diverse musical heritage, its vibrancy and its role as a leading exponent of today's global music talent.
The German system uses both treble and bass clefs, sounding a second lower than written.
Moving beyond semiotics, the second preliminary theoretical assumption pertains to what Barthes perceives as a problematic generic categorization of the roman a clefs, or the "key novel," in which actual persons appear as fictitious characters, and is closely aligned with his subsequent discussion of the photographs.
You can remember the lines of the bass clef as "Good Boys Do Fine Always," and the spaces as "All Cows Eat Grass.
I should have liked to have seen the original clefs placed at the beginning of each work as a reminder of Charpentier's original writing, particularly, for example, for the haute-contre part.
This edition follows the order of the original print, organized first by voicing (with ten works for four voices, ten for five voices, and two for eight voices), and within each category by tonal structure (as determined by the clefs, system, and final).
Previous winners of the charity's Scottish Silver Clefs include Edwyn Collins, Wet Wet Wet, Alan McGee, Frankie Miller, Midge Ure and Jack Bruce.