see BitonBiton and Cleobis
, in Greek mythology, sons of the priestess Cydippe. When their mother wanted to see a famous temple of Hera, which was many miles away, the brothers dragged her chariot there.
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This theme is first explicitly stated in Solon's story of Cleobis and Biton early in book 1.
4-6; Euripides treated the myth in his Hypsipyle); another pair of twins, Cleobis and Biton, transported their mother ('famous for horses') to the sanctuary of Hera (Hdt.
californica Banks 1903 (which is a junior secondary homonym of Cleobis californica Banks 1899); H.
Hemerotrecha californica Banks 1903 (junior secondary homonym of Cleobis californica Banks 1899, now Hemerotrecha banksi Muma 1951), by monotypy.
Cleobis hirsuta: Male holotype from San Miguel de Horcasitas, Baja California, Mexico (MCZ).