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Cleopatra's Needles,

name in popular use for two obelisks of red granite from Egypt. Originally erected at Heliopolis (c.1475 B.C.) by Thutmose III, they were transported to Alexandria (c.14 B.C.) under Augustus and in the 19th cent. were sent separately as gifts of Ismail Pasha to England (1878) and the United States (1880). The British obeliskobelisk
, slender four-sided tapering monument, usually hewn of a single great piece of stone, terminating in a pointed or pyramidal top. Among the ancient Egyptians these monoliths were commonly of red granite from Syene and were dedicated to the sun god.
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, 68.5 ft (20.9 m) high, stands on the Thames embankment in London. The American one, 69.5 ft (21.2 m) high, is in Central Park in New York City.
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5) Napoleon's artillery gave the Sphinx a "bloody nose" and German air raids damaged Cleopatra's Needle on the London Embankment 6) The P1AT.
The inscriptions on Cleopatra's Needle, in 1878 pristinely clear after three millennia, became blurred and in places effaced after only seventy years' exposure to the London atmosphere.
Like the earthenware time capsules of Cleopatra's Needle, they are messages to the future, or at least its archaeologists.
When she encountered the Torres, Lady Frances remarked that these "three tall peaks of a reddish hue" were "in shape exact facsimiles of Cleopatra's needle.
CLEVELAND RETIRED MEN'S ASSOCIATION: Ian Pearce, spoke about Cleopatra's Needle to the association.
2 mile course passes by many of London's historical landmarks including famous tea clipper the Cutty Sark, the National Maritime Museum, Tower Bridge, centre, the Tower Of London, Cleopatra's Needle, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.
Ian Whitehead, keeper of maritime history, will also lead a tour of the museum's maritime and model store, where visitors can see a model of Cleopatra, the towing barge in which Cleopatra's Needle was transported to London from Egypt in 1877-78.
My point being that it's hunky-dory to hurl javelins or bounce backflips but just as wonderful to thread a submarine through Cleopatra's Needle, so to speak.
Cleopatra's Needle was built 1,400 years before Cleopatra was born.
You enter through ancient Egypt which is magnificently over the top with mock monuments, including a pyramid and Cleopatra's needle, and a biblical epic-style soundtrack.
Speakers' topics next month include Stockton Foundry, photos of the film Atonement, miners' wives, Cleopatra's Needle and the history of the Tees.
1878: Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk of Thothmes II, was erected on London's Embankment