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(both: klĭr`stōr'ē, –stôr'ē), a part of a building whose walls rise higher than the roofs of adjoining parts of the structure. Pierced by windows, it is chiefly a device for obtaining extra light. It had an early use in certain Egyptian temples, as at Karnak, and was used later in the great halls of Roman basilicas. It became a characteristic element of medieval churches, receiving its fullest development in churches of the Gothic period.


An upper story or row of windows rising above the adjoining parts of the building, designed as a means of admitting increased light into the inner space of the building.


The upward extension of enclosed space achieved by bringing a windowed wall up to interrupt the slope of the roof.

clerestory, clerestory window

clerestory, 2 A
1.An upper zone of wall pierced with windows that admit light to the center of a lofty room.
2. A window so placed. (See illustration p. 218.)


, clearstory
1. a row of windows in the upper part of the wall of a church that divides the nave from the aisle, set above the aisle roof
2. the part of the wall in which these windows are set
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Linked visually at high level by clerestoreys, consulting rooms are contained by a shiny red partition including red doors, a striking gesture in an otherwise white and neutral building.
Corridors have end windows, and also gain daylight from the side via clerestoreys, while the top floor corridor has a full rooflight.
To get satisfactory light levels throughout, further daylight was introduced from the corridor side via clerestoreys, the corridors being given glass roofs.
His ingenious use of roof forms -- De Stijl-like fronts/ranch bungalow behinds, often to facilitate local planning codes -- and of clerestoreys determined by issues of construction resulted in volumes animated by the calibration of natural light.
On top are studio spaces, large volumes with shaded clerestoreys adding to light from the windows.