Cleveland National Forest

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Cleveland National Forest

Address:10845 Rancho Bernardo Rd, Suite 200
San Diego, CA 92127

Size: 460,000 acres.
Location:Southwestern California, extending 35 miles from Orange County to within 5 miles of Mexico. Accessible by US 15 and 8. Nearby cities/towns include Corona, Escondido, Ramona, Alpine, and San Diego.
Facilities:15 campgrounds, 7 picnic sites, trails (356 miles), ORV areas (2,160 acres), shooting ranges.
Activities:Camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain biking, ORV riding, shooting, horseback riding, bird watching.
Special Features:Includes Laguna and Palomar mountains and the famed Palomar Observatory with its 200-inch Hale telescope. The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail passes through the forest (see entry in national trails section).

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Despite the ordeal, Cendoya said he would like to return to Cleveland National Forest.
Even worse, just for California, the bill mandates running a high voltage electricity transmission line through the Cleveland National Forest -- a proposal already rejected by the State and the federal planning process.
As Orange County becomes more developed it is increasingly important that we provide an open space link between the Cleveland National Forest and the Crystal Cove State Park," said Larry Agran, Chair, Orange County Great Park Corporation.
Situated on 824 acres adjoining citrus groves and the Cleveland National Forest, Trilogy at Glen Ivy's master plan calls for approximately 1,300 homes built over the next five years.
The fire had burned across thousands of acres and was 30 percent contained Monday morning, but officials expected it to keep spreading toward Cleveland National Forest and the San Diego County line.
The downtown area of the historic mountain town, Julian, was sparred; however, large portions of the Cleveland National Forest including recreational areas surrounding El Capitan Reservoir and Lake Cuyamaca, and areas south of Palomar Mountain and west of Mount Laguna were damaged.
The tri-mode phones, which offer satellite as well as digital and analog cellular service, will provide emergency communications assistance for the department's Search and Rescue team, supplementing existing two-way radio communication in remote locations, such as Orange County's Cleveland National Forest and numerous canyon areas.
Access is by foot to most good spots in the southern portion of the Cleveland National Forest and expect to hike in at least a couple miles to find huntable coveys of quail.
Cedar Fire in the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego's East County is 15% contained with 100% containment estimated for November 5, 2003.
These fires are trying really hard to tie in with each other,'' said Bill Bourbeau, safety officer for the Cleveland National Forest, who was with a crew along Highway 78.
Darrell Issa introduced legislation last month to create a transmission corridor through the Cleveland National Forest in Riverside County to avoid impacts to the Temecula Valley and Pechanga Indian Reservation.
To the east are panoramic views of the Cleveland National Forest, and to the south is the Barona Indian Reservation with its newly constructed casino.

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