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A common form of distributed system in which software is split between server tasks and client tasks. A client sends requests to a server, according to some protocol, asking for information or action, and the server responds.

This is analogous to a customer (client) who sends an order (request) on an order form to a supplier (server) who despatches the goods and an invoice (response). The order form and invoice are part of the "protocol" used to communicate in this case.

There may be either one centralised server or several distributed ones. This model allows clients and servers to be placed independently on nodes in a network, possibly on different hardware and operating systems appropriate to their function, e.g. fast server/cheap client.

Examples are the name-server/name-resolver relationship in DNS, the file-server/file-client relationship in NFS and the screen server/client application split in the X Window System.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.client-server.

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Polyhedra FlashLite utilizes a client-server architecture that improves data integrity and resilience by separating the data from the applications that use it, thereby protecting the memory used by the database software from accidental modification.
Following the launch of MLSN Sports Picks, Digital Chocolate will release two avatar-based games in early 2006, which are also based on the new client-server architecture.
0 standard through its OpenSpeech product offering, and its ability to provide a world-class speech recognition engine in a client-server architecture, made them an effective partner for delivering speech services to our customers.
Ideal for Service Bureau Environments: The client-server architecture is ideal for service bureau environments and telcos that must leverage network infrastructure in order to deliver multiple applications seamlessly to a single telephone call.
DesignSync DFII is implemented through a combination of Synchronicity technology interfacing to standard Cadence database application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing management of design data from within Design Framework-based editors to be managed using Synchronicity's web-based client-server architecture.
Unlike the latest first-generation Web-only sales automation products, the SalesLogix Web solution runs on top of the proven SalesLogix client-server architecture, delivering back-end power, security and administration.
The PowerPC native StarNine Mail server is based on a superior client-server architecture, providing a robust, intelligent email system that easily links offices in different locations.
Everyone today is looking for applications using client-server architecture, utilizing TCP/IP, to provide them flexibility.
Precedent 2000 leverages the power of Sun servers in a three-tiered, client-server architecture for its most mission-critical processing.
0 of its TimeManagerTM call center management information system, featuring true UNIX-based client-server architecture, a graphical Windows95/Windows NT client interface, a streamlined set of standard reports complemented by versatile ad hoc reporting, and powerful new data access, retrieval and storage capabilities, it was announced Monday by R.
Based on an object-oriented development environment, Enterprise Server features a highly scaleable, advanced n-tier client-server architecture that is Web-enabled from its initial design.
TRENDsnmp+ is a distributed application software suite based on high-performance, modular, scalable, client-server architecture.