Clinical Death

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Clinical Death


a body state in which the external signs of life (cardiac activity, respiration, functions of the central nervous system) are absent but the metabolic processes in the tissues are maintained.

Clinical death may last for five or six minutes after the cessation of heartbeat and respiration (death from blood loss). Sudden cessation of blood flow (for example, with fibrillation of the cardiac ventricles) prolongs this period to eight or ten minutes, after which the complete restoration of the vital functions is no longer possible.

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Approximately 20 percent of cardiac arrest survivors report having had a near-death experience during clinical death.
Clinical death can precede brain death by around two minutes.
If resuscitated patients report seeing these images during clinical death, it could revolutionize theories of the mind and brain, says Parnia.
A patient recalls a surgical procedure in detail after surgeons have induced her clinical death.
Study author Dr Sam Parnia, an expert in the field of consciousness during clinical death, said death is not a specific moment.
HEART attack patients who have seen the light during clinical death may offer answers to one of life's most baffling questions - what happens when we die?
A look at cryonics, in which the terminally ill are frozen at the first stages of clinical death.
Just how do you come to terms with the fact that your mum would sooner choose a clinical death over a life with you, regardless of how much of it there was left and how difficult it may become?
Compared to Clinical Death the spectator has to engage his own imagination more, but the creators of opera perhaps have a right to demand this of the public.
However, evidence is accumulating that clinical death is now less likely to be caused by VF than in the 1960s and 1970s.
To the voices that are already being raised about the threat to Switzerland's long-cherished neutrality (one alarmist described the new moves as "the clinical death of neutrality") Joseph Deiss asserts that there is nothing to fear.

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