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It's been over a decade since the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal but it also is a testimony of time that the US had matured, and is more interested in the work of its politicians, than what they do in bed.
Examples of entry subjects include anti-wiretap statutes, bar code readers and scanners, the Cable Communications Policy Act of 1984, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, fingerprints and fingerprinting, freedom of association, McCarthyism, the National Security Agency, privacy torts, traffic control cameras, transaction-generate data, voice identification, and voyeurism.
In his ongoing pursuit of greater insights into the function of polling in American politics, Hogan offers a useful reading of presidential approval polling during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.
Meanwhile, the 1998 heatwave intensifies--as does the equally turgid Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.
Ray, the successor to Kenneth Starr in the Whitewater real estate deal and the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal, said he came to the conclusion that Clinton had already been penalized enough.
You need to appreciate that distinction in evaluating coverage of the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.
Many of the reporters who helped break the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal have now written books about the case, mixing gems from their notebooks with Woodwardesque narratives detailing their own hunt for the big journalistic prize.
Sorkin told Electronic Media that he originally created the show for last season, before the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.
Just as homosexuality has come to symbolize for many heterosexuals a scary break from traditional morality as well as hew, invigorating prospects of personal freedom, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal has elicited similarly conflicted responses.
Candidates' spouses are appearing in more ads, possibly as a reaction to the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.
Marvin Kalb (2001) notes how the pack of reporters dispatched to Arkansas to investigate Whitewater became chummy with the staff of the Office of Independent Counsel, relations that would flower during the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal (p.
For many Americans, this year's marathon Clinton-Lewinsky scandal did more than encourage the belief that all politicians are corrupt--it confirmed it.