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Ca(Mg,Al)3(Al,Si)O10(OH)2 A reddish-brown, copper-red, or yellowish monoclinic mineral of the brittle mica group occurring in crystals or foliated masses. Also known as seybertite; xanthophyllite.



(also seybertite, xanthophyllite), a micaceous mineral, a lamellar silicate of the “brittle mica” group; its chemical composition is Ca(Mg, Al)3-2 [Al2Si2O10](OH)2. Clintonite forms brittle, foliated monoclinic crystals, as well as plumose, sometimes radiating, aggregates. It is colorless; some varieties vary in color from yellow to green, owing to an admixture of FeO (for example, valuevite). It has a hardness of 4—6 (hardness is greater along the lateral faces of the crystals than on the cleavage surfaces) on the mineralogical scale and a density of 3,000–3,100 kg/m3. Clintonite usually occurs in contact-metasomatic formations in metamorphosed dolomites and magnesian metamorphic schists with garnet, spinel, magnesioferrite, perovskite, talc, chlorite, and other minerals.

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But the weakness of the Clintonite gripe stems not just from papering over the Big Dog's mistakes and minimizing Obama's accomplishments.
To be fair, Obama's team has reached out to more of a mixed crowd, engaging former Clintonites Susan Rice, an African expert at Brookings, and Washington lawyer Mark Brzezinski.
Of the hundreds of samples of epidote, quartz, pyrite, clintonite, orthoclase and other species we recovered, only a small percentage were specimen-quality.
Today is Easter and many families will be devoting the day to church and family celebrations, but it is also opening day and every Clintonite who could get a ticket is heading down tonight to Boston to watch the Red Sox go to war with the Evil Empire from New York.
One Clintonite is quoted in the Washington Post as saying -- "This isn't lightly flavored with Clintons.
Large crystals of clintonite have been found there since 1916, but in 2001 some extraordinary crystals up to 4.
Not, mind you, that Trudeau was a libertarian then, any more than he was a Clintonite 20 years later.
Sometimes you have to smack Perot, but never through the president," said one Clintonite.
No matter his team of economic hit men includes a whole slew of Clintonite neoliberals like Robert Rubin.
As critics charged and supporters hotly denied, it turned out to be all about Jesse Jackson himself and faded away when his candidacy did; today Jackson is a devoted Clintonite whose main preoccupation is getting Wall Street firms to hire more black stockbrokers.