Closed-Circuit Television System

Closed-Circuit Television System


a television system in which transmitting cameras are connected to receivers by local communications cables.

Closed-circuit television systems are not used for broadcasting; they have applications in industry, transportation, medicine, and other areas. The mode of image scanning and deflection synchronization, the number of lines, the frame frequency, and other parameters of closed-circuit television systems are determined by the operational purpose of the system and need not comply with standards established for television broadcasting. Transmitting cameras for closed-circuit television systems are usually extremely simple; in most cases they contain only the transmitting tube (a superorthicon if illumination densities are low or a vidicon if illumination densities are high), the deflection system, and the preamplifier for the video signal. Operation of cameras is usually automatic or by remote control. Several types of equipment are produced for closed-circuit television systems. The simplest type is that for single-channel closed-circuit television. Such equipment consists of a transmitting camera and of a receiver; they can be separated by distances of 150–200 m. Current for the deflection systems of the transmitting tube and receiving tube is supplied by a common generator located in the receiver. In this case deflection synchronization and generation of a complete television signal are not required. The more complex, multichannel closed-circuit television systems usually consist of a set of single-channel systems, with a common terminal block added for camera control and switching. Receivers in such systems can be located at a distance of 1–2 km from the transmitting camera.


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In the late 1960s, Autocue developed a closed-circuit television system that consisted of a camera focused onto a paper script.
This island also features a supervisory information system, management information system, closed-circuit television system (CCTV) and simulator system, as well as miscellaneous instrumentation and control devices, which help the plant to run safely, efficiently and reliably.
The facility has its own closed-circuit television system with live audio and video from both the laser unit and the surgery room.
Installation of these cameras to serve the closed-circuit television system is underway, with completion set for March 2001.
The regional ports authority s official distributed closed-circuit television system to base ports in Lamitan, Tawi-Tawi and Basilan.
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Their performance was relayed over a closed-circuit television system to councillors watching in another room.
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In many cases, though, the clients should be offered a tour of the secure site and even the opportunity to view the shredding of their own files via a closed-circuit television system or other Web-based video system, or even at a plant viewing room.
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