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About the Fc Fusion Technology Platform Recombinant FVIIIFc and recombinant FIXFc are clotting factors developed using Biogen Idec's novel and proprietary monomeric Fc fusion technology, which makes use of a naturally occurring pathway that delays the breakdown of factor in the body and cycles it back into the bloodstream, enabling it to remain in the body longer following an injection.
Two of the dogs had never been exposed to clotting factor, and had never developed antibodies.
The secondary endpoints included plasma levels of major clotting factors (Factors II, VII, IX, X, antithrombotic proteins C and S) and safety and tolerability (including all-cause mortality).
NYSE MKT: PBTH), today announced that the company will present new data on its long-acting clotting factor VIIa (Factor Vlla-CTP) at the Annual Congress of the European Association for Haemophilia and Allied Disorders (EAHAD).
The commercially available recombinant clotting factors have enabled many hemophiliacs to live near-normal lives, but frequent injections and/or blood transfusions may be required.
The formation of inhibitors or antibodies to hemophilia clotting factor is a serious condition that may affects up to 30% of people living with hemophilia at some time during the course of their lives.
The two major forms of the disease, which occurs almost solely in males, are hemophilia A and hemophilia B, caused respectively by a lack of clotting factor VIII and clotting factor IX.
The bill creates The Bleeding Disorders Treatment Fund by taxing the manufacturers of blood clotting factor in the form of a 6 percent rebate.
The Hemobag(R) allows the salvage, concentration and re-infusion of the patient's own whole blood containing platelets, clotting factors, important plasma proteins, as well as red blood cells, thereby helping to stabilize heart surgery patients and prevent bleeding.
Investigators presented research on a variety of potential therapies and treatment options, with much of the focus on delivering the missing clotting factor genes via different delivery methods, vectors and target cells.
Plasma transfusions are primarily used to reverse the effects of anti-coagulant therapy, and to treat people who are deficient in certain blood clotting factors.
High adds that only 20 years ago, drugs based on recombinant technology, such as insulin, growth hormone and clotting factors, seemed a daunting challenge for medical researchers, but are now standard weapons in physicians' toolboxes.