Clove Oil

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clove oil

[′klōv ‚ȯil]

Clove Oil


an essential oil, a yellow liquid with a strong clove odor; density, 1.043-1.018 g per cu cm. The value of clove oil is determined by the presence in it of eugenol (79-92 percent). Clove oil is obtained from the clove tree and is widely used in the perfume industry as the raw material for production of vanillin and other substances.

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This patient had used a clove oil solution of 81% eugenol and some alcohol for toothache.
Physiological stress responses, egg survival and sperm motility for rainbow trout broodstock anesthetized with clove oil, tricaine methanesulfonate or carbon dioxide.
To use clove oil for mites, mix a few drops with some vegetable oil.
KEY WORDS: anesthetic, clove oil, 2-phenoxyethanol, abalone, Haliotis tuberculata coccinea
TIP OF THE WEEK: There is a new product called Perfectly Natural Weed & Grass Killer whose active ingredient is clove oil.
Jerry's has expanded its selection of Earth-friendly products that use alternative ingredients such as clove oil or corn gluten meal to destroy annual weeds such as chickweed or flixweed.