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common name for members of the large family Pomacentridae, marine fishes of tropical waters. Common in the West Indies and along the Florida coasts are the sergeant-major, named for its vertical stripes, and the reef fish, found among coral reefs.
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They determined, for example, that most juvenile clownfish journeyed a mean distance of 6 to 9 miles from their natal reefs before settling into their new habitats.
A study published three years ago observed schools of clownfish in captivity to study various personality traits they display, which have enamoured us to these cute fish increasing their popularity in home aquariums.
My favourite was with the clownfish, when we saw it do so much more then we ever realised.
Roger spent five days filming just to capture the clownfish sequence.
A BRAND new Clownfish Kingdom has opened at Birmingham's Sea Life Centre.
4 Frequent bleaching of sea anemones is putting clownfish species at risk (pictured right).
The goal of the campaign is to avoid what happened after Finding Nemo hit theatres: the movie created a 25 percent spike in demand for the cute featured clownfish and many who rushed to purchase them were either unaware and/or unable to provide the appropriate conditions for the species and many of them died.
The reef is 35 sq km away and supports a large number of coral species, seagrass meadows, as well as vibrant marine life that includes turtles, dugongs, dolphins, sea snakes, clownfish, sponges, and urchins.
From a series titled Underwater World/ El mundo submarino, "Clownfish/Peces Payaso" uses simple narrative descriptions dividing each page into English and Spanish, opposite bright color photographs of the clownfish in its natural habitat.
For example, kindergarteners and first graders created clownfish, red fish and blue fish from small clear water bottles.
From splashing like a dolphin to hiding like a clownfish, kids get thinking and moving with this book about creatures that love water as much as we do.