cluster bomb

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cluster bomb:

see cluster munitionscluster munitions
or cluster bombs,
air-dropped or ground-launched weapons that open in mid-air and scatter dozens, hundreds, or thousands of smaller submunitions (or bomblets) over a wide area.
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HRW researchers visited South Kordofan in the first week of April and found evidence of six cluster bombs, including remnants of the weapons, including sub munitions, apparently dropped by government aircraft on villages in Delami and Um Durein counties.
Cluster bombs are a type of explosive weapons that blow up in the air and scatter dozens of sub-munitions over a large area.
Hussein Ali Kowayes, 48, was wounded in the explosion while the team was removing cluster bombs from a field in Ayta al-Jabal.
Cluster bombs are inhumane weapons which all countries should abolish as soon as possible.
Other countries around the world that have joined the treaty are showing a strong commitment to get rid of cluster bombs once and for all," added Wareham, who is advocacy director of the organisation's Arms Division.
Cluster bombs are deadly explosives that spread across a broad area once released, leading to a series of explosions.
The Israeli cluster bombs killed more than 400 people, one-third of them below 18 years old.
Residents confirmed the cluster bombs had been dropped and experts in America claimed the footage shows children handling them.
Human Rights Watch" had previously published a report which talks about the presence of new evidences on the use of the Syrian forces to cluster bombs against inhabited regions, saying that a video broadcast showed the remaining of "RBK" and "AOSCH" cluster bombs.
It also includes his visit to Laos - the country worst affected by cluster bombs - where he met people from communities where numerous people have been killed or injured by the weapons.
If the civilian casualties were indeed a miscalculation on the part of the US military, there should no longer be any doubt about the fact that cluster bombs are far too dangerous a weapon to be utilised in war.
PRESSURE is growing on Bahrain to join the movement against controversial cluster bombs.