Clydesdale horse

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Clydesdale horse,

breed of draft horsedraft horse
or work horse,
any breed of horse that is suited to or used for drawing heavy loads. Draft horses originated in central Europe, where their domestication preceded the Roman invasion.
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 developed in Scotland. It closely resembles the Shire horseShire horse,
a breed of draft horse native to central England. It is equal in weight to the Belgian horse and is usually slightly taller. Widely used as a war horse during the Middle Ages, it was well adapted to carry the excessive weight of armor worn by both horse and rider.
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, although it is not as heavy. The Clydesdale is characterized by its graceful, springy step. Initially imported by the United States from Canada, the breed became widely popular owing to its good disposition. It was particularly favored by merchants, who used it to spectacular advantage in the transportation of commercial goods. It is still retained today by horse buffs and private patrons. It averages about 16 hands (64 in./160 cm) high, weighs around 1,800 lb (800 kg), and is characteristically colored rich brown or bay. It has white markings on the face and on the legs, which have luxurious feathering around the fetlocks.
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redirect=%2fen%2fus%2f) Budweiser commercial features a man breeding a baby Clydesdale horse but eventually the horse leaves when he's made it to the "big time.
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In one scene I had to act opposite five cows, five sheep, a big Clydesdale horse and two goats," says Glenn.
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At Glasgow Green, Clydesdale horse Baron and rider Lorraine Clark trotted up to gratefully take a wellearned break.
Andy's company was also responsible for creating one of Scotland's most recognisable landmarks - the wire Clydesdale horse at the side of the M8 in Glasgow.
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Right, Skye Maltman and Carly Walsh, of Holy Trinity School, Berwick, with a Clydesdale horse