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What does it mean when you dream about an inventor?

We can dream about an inventor, or about being an inventor, when we are trying to figure out something. Otherwise, an inventor can simply represent our own creativity.

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Dieter Klamann, managing director of Chemson Pacific and another 3DVinyi co-inventor.
A second patent application, published as US20090105167 and including Potti as co-inventor, was rejected partly because the co-inventors did not provide the DNA sequences, called probe sets, that they used on their micro-array chips to detect gene activity, wrote Sean Aeder, the examiner.
I am the co-inventor of this patent, which teaches the sequence of SXR and its nucleotide response elements.
TPU blow molded hybrids improve seat performance and reduce overall cost relative to existing methods for making shock-resistant seating, says Gerry DiBattista, Bayer's market manager and the other co-inventor of the process.
But the fact that Lamarr was also the co-inventor of a key step in the development of the remote control of torpedoes has been forgotten--or, rather, credit has been claimed by male inventors--just like Benz's cross-country trip.
Built-in windows made of the material would endow items with unique identifiers that are almost impossible to tamper with or copy, says co-inventor Ravikanth S.
Don Olsen, president of the Utah Artificial Heart Institute (Salt Lake City, UT),, and a co-inventor.