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Co-location facility built to meet high availability enterprise data center requirements
a premier Silicon Valley Co-Location and Managed IT Solutions Provider, announced today it has completed its SAS70 Type II audit and has achieved the compliance for its Co-location facility in Santa Clara, CA.
In a co-location facility, or Web server farm, your server is stored in an environment with other companies' servers.
MegaWorld will deploy the first BypaSS7 systems at its New York City Co-Location facility, with a total network build out scheduled for completion in 2001.
KVH"), Asia's leading information delivery platform providing integrated cloud and network solutions, today announced that CME Group has approved KVH as a provider of connectivity services into and out of the new CME Co-Location facility.
a leading provider of integrated communications services, has opened a co-location facility in its Cherry Hill, New Jersey office.
Over the years, we've invested more than $30 million into developing a solid foundation for a well-engineered co-location facility with redundant power, cooling and large variety of network feeds.
Southern Telecom's highly secure co-location facility in Birmingham, Ala.
The company's business packages are all custom-designed and include high-speed Internet access over dedicated SDSL, T1, or fiber running straight from the customer's premise to VoiceLift's co-location facility.
The new Toronto facility is the third Peer 1 Network co-location facility in the city and the second one located at 151 Front Street, the largest Telco hub in Canada.
The project entailed moving the company's data center to a co-location facility managed by Equinix in Silicon Valley, thus improving the reliability and security of information that InfoLink maintains for its subscribers.