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a military or political union or alliance.

(1) A temporary military-political alliance of two or several states, concluded for combined operations against some other state or group of states (for example, the anti-Hitler coalition).

(2) An agreement between two or several political parties. A coalition is most frequently established so that a government can be formed with a parliamentary majority of the parties (a coalition government). In bourgeois states with a multiparty system, the coalition is widely used if none of the parties has a majority in parliament.

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Hunter also has a history of urging evangelicals to pay more attention to issues like poverty and social justice--not often matters of concern to the Coalition.
The Appellate Division this week agreed with the lower court ruling (New York Supreme Court) and said that the lawsuit commenced by the neighborhood coalition in November 2003 was too late, because this type of action, which is known as an "Article 78 proceeding" and which is intended to provide for relatively quick review of government decision making, has a four-month statute of limitations.
The National Coalition for Music Education, with www.
If somebody qualified every year, the other bowls would have to take a coalition team more often than we do,'' said Rose Bowl executive director Mitch Dorger.
In designing the program, the coalition took into account that a confluence of psychosocial, environmental and economic factors contributes to poor reproductive health outcomes.
Faced with a common enemy, the state's land trusts, affordable housing advocates, historical preservation groups and environmentalists formed the Housing and Conservation Coalition, hired an attorney, drafted a bill that would create a joint trust fund, and launched a successful lobbying effort to pass it in 1987.
After the event, the National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform applauded the coalition's efforts.
There is little question that to raise more money, the Christian Coalition is returning to its core issues, and homosexuality is one of those," says Robert Boston, a spokesman for Americans United for Separation of Church and State, a group that monitors Christian conservatives.
How has the Christian Coalition managed to achieve such swift development of tactics to control several of the major state conventions within such a short time?
If there is anyone the Christian Coalition should be championing, it's these people.
The coalition has published a "mainstream agenda for public education," which includes school choice, "parental rights," keeping schools "free from crime and drugs," and a curriculum that will "return to the basics" of reading, writing, and mathematics.
The most common coalition is an informal group of interested entities, such as the "Benefits Breakfast Bunch" in my own field of employee benefits.

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