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Coast Salish:

see SalishSalish,
indigenous people of North America, also known as the Flathead, who in the early 19th cent. inhabited the Bitterroot River valley of W Montana. Their language belongs to the Salishan branch of the Algonquian-Wakashan linguistic stock (see Native American languages).
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Raven smiled, "I also have for you gifts of art from Coast Salish children.
The Coast Salish peoples, indigenous to the Pacific Northwest coastal areas of northern Washington and southern British Columbia (Figure 1) have an ancient weaving tradition notable for large, finely woven blankets (Hill-Tout 1907; Ashwell 1978) made of animal fibres (Figures 2-4), sometimes supplemented by vegetal fibres (hemp, stinging nettles) and bird down (Wells 1969).
From the storytelling to the handmade regalia by one of the tribal elders, each element of the show is unique and true to the Coast Salish Tribes.
The buildings are grounded in the architectural tradition of the Northwest Coast longhouse and will feature the large, exposed wood columns and sloping roof so characteristic of Coast Salish structures.
Second, the inverse already holds a place in Coast Salish morphology as what has been traditionally labeled the passive (Jacobs 1994).
Barnett, The Coast Salish of British Columbia (Eugene, 1955), 128.
The traditions of many nations--Haida, Tlingit, Kwakiutl, Coast Salish, and others--are represented.
Across town the Peoples' Summit on APEC was opened by a welcome from Indigenous Canadians to the Coast Salish land on which Vancouver stands: 750 people joined hands in the Indigenous Round Dance.
Back in the village, we browsed a couple of antiques shops and art galleries (don't miss the superb Kwagiulth and Coast Salish art at the Blue Raven Gallery) before lunching at the Good Life Restaurant.
To ensure that visitors have a truly authentic Coast Salish Tribes experience, Argosy worked directly with tribal members from early on in the show planning process.
Thibeault, who has Coast Salish ancestry but grew up in Grande Prairie, Alta.
The Anglican church's expressions of reconciliation were presented by Archbishop John Privett, bishop of the diocese of Kootenay and metropolitan (senior bishop) of the ecclesiastical province of British Columbia and the Yukon, and by Charon Spinks, an elder from the Interior Coast Salish in Lytton, B.