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coast protection,

methods used to protect coastal lands from erosion. Beaches can exist only where a delicate dynamic equilibrium exists between the amount of sand supplied to the beach and the inevitable losses caused by wave erosion. Various activities of man have upset this equilibrium, decidedly increasing the rate of erosion of the shorelines. For example, the plethora of dams constructed across major drainage systems has served to entrap sediment that would normally reach the coastal zone, imperiling the existence of beaches by cutting off their natural sand supply. Mining of beach sand has removed millions of tons of sand from coasts and drastically upset the balance between natural supply and losses. Historically, people have considered coast protection a local problem and have attacked the problem by building structures to inhibit the transportation of sand from a local area. However, it has been learned that building structures to solve a local erosion problem may extend and intensify the erosion problem along nearby beaches, requiring the construction of structures along an entire coast. For example, many structures block littoral drift, which is a movement of sand parallel to the coast, both on the beach and offshore, caused by waves. The blockage results in a depletion of sand downcurrent from the structure. Several different kinds of structures are built. Sea walls are constructed at the edge of the shore facing the ocean waves. Designed to protect only the beach areas behind them, they cause an increased loss of sediment in front of and beneath them. Breakwatersbreakwater,
offshore structure to protect a harbor from wave energy or deflect currents. When it also serves as a pier, it is called a quay; when covered by a roadway it is called a mole.
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 are long piers built offshore parallel to the shoreline; they are designed to provide calm anchorages in an area behind them called a wave shadow. At the breakwater off Santa Monica, Calif., the wave shadow impeded the littoral drift, producing a deposition of sand behind the breakwater and extensive erosion of the beach downcurrent. Groins are lines of rock or pilings constructed perpendicular to the shoreline. They act as a partial barrier to littoral drift, trapping sand on the updrift side and causing erosion on the downdrift side. Jetties are often built at river mouths and harbor entrances, projecting out into the ocean to direct and confine littoral currents and to prevent silting of the harbor entrance. Jetties cause the same problems of downdrift erosion as groins. In some instances it has been necessary to pump the sand trapped by the structure to adjacent beaches downdrift. Efforts have also been made to prevent erosion using the natural materials at hand. Artificial dunes have been built by bulldozing sand back from the beach or by placing snow fences to trap windblown sand. Since beaches themselves are effective in dissipating wave energy, one remedy to the lack of a sand supply is to pump sand directly onto the beach from interior or offshore zones. Unlike other human-made structures, artificial beaches do not harm the shore downdrift.
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When a project is outside of the coastal zone, as the landfill is, the CCC must ask the Office for Coastal Management (OCM), which is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to authorize the review.
About ` 750 crore has been outlayed for ecology and environment, which includes ` 100 crore for a National Coastal Management Programme, ` 76.
The publication highlights ocean successes from around the world, including:Establishment of the Benguela Current Commission, the worlds first intergovernmental, cross-sector large marine ecosystem commission, which is now fully financed by the three governments of Angola, Namibia and South Africa;Adoption of the Caribbean and North Brazil Shelf Large Marine Ecosystems Strategic Action Programme by 31 ministers from 22 different countries, which sets 10 year priority actions for shared ocean governance in the region; and, Adoption and implementation by 12 countries of the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Seas of East Asia, which fostered integrated coastal management for 14% of South East Asias 234,000 km coastline, benefiting over 146 million people.
MFF Program Coordinator said MFF could provide matching funds up to US $ 25000 to support any initiative sponsored by a private sector organisation to address coastal management and livelihood issues.
Since no one method for sustainability can cover all the needs of seven billion human beings, Ecosystem Services for Sustainability discusses a wealth of options: aquifers, the Clean Air Act, coastal management, permaculture, nutrient and biogeochemical cycling, and much more.
The company must still get one more approval from the Division of Coastal Management, and modify its mining permit from the state Division of Energy, Mineral and Land Resources to reflect its capacity use and discharge permits.
The seminar was organised ahead of a vote on the Maritime Spatial Planning and Integrated Coastal Management Directive in the European Parliament on December 10.
The 2014 award winners and commendations included the promenade and seawall at Littlehaven Beach, South Tyneside, Redcar Coastal Management and Seafront Regeneration Scheme, Barkers Haugh Sewage treatment Works Inlet and Harton Quays Park.
Sustainable coastal management and climate adaptation; global lessons from regional approaches in Australia.
Through the knowledge and experiences gained from this project, Abu Dhabi aims to provide global leadership in understanding and incentivising linkages between coastal management and climate change around the world as countries move towards greening their economies.
However, the process of dumping coal in the sea has to comply and be consistent with the prescripts of the Integrated Coastal Management Act (IMC) and London Convention Protocol on Marine Environment Protection," the DEA said.
Oceans have become drivers of my life, propelling me towards teaching geography in coastal schools, writing about coastal management and oceans law reform, and campaigning on marine national park networks.

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