Coating Agents

Coating Agents


a group of substances used in medicine that form highly adsorptive colloidal solutions with water. These solutions cover tissues with a film that protects against irritation and inhibits absorption.

Coating agents are used to form a protective layer over inflamed mucous membranes and skin and to promote more rapid resolution of inflammatory processes. They include starch, aluminum hydroxide, white clay, magnesium trisilicate, and flaxseed. Coating agents are tasteless and disguise the flavor of substances with which they are mixed. Their presence in the intestinal tract diminishes the effect of irritants and delays the absorption of water, food, and medicinal substances. Coating agents also prolong the local effects of medicinal substances on the intestinal tract.

Coating agents are used to treat inflammations of the mucosa of the oral cavity, throat, and gastrointestinal tract and to treat poisoning by irritants and caustic substances. They are also used in mixtures to avoid the irritant side effects of certain medicines and to prolong the duration of local action of various substances.

The ingredients of coating agents include finely ground powders that are highly adsorptive. This property enables these substances to be used in cases of poisoning to limit the absorption of toxins, for example, in poisoning by many salts of alkaloids and heavy metals. Coating agents in the form of powders are also used in the treatment of skin diseases.


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Unlike other nanoparticles, which use coating agents for stability, NanoPac and NanoDoce are stable in their naked form and suspended prior to use in simple vehicles without coating agents.
Foods high in fiber, intestinal coating agents and some intestinal antibiotics may help.
These coating agents can further enhance adhesive strength of the ink, while maintaining its electro-conductivity.
The efforts included increasing the use of plants or fruit extracts as stabilizer or coating agents to control the growth of crystals.
The UVSCALE can be used not only for attachment process of touch panels and sterilization process of food package materials but also for the process to stiffen UV printing ink and coating agents for preventing reflection and damages and other scenes where UV light is used.
Showcasing an extensive portfolio, ADM will be featuring new products across a range of categories, including premium cocoa powders; a novel, clear soya beverage from the Clarisoyur line; a new confectionery and baked goods range; and flaked vegetable fats for use as hard stocks and as coating agents.
Songwon Industrial Co Ltd is a leading producer of Songnox antioxidants, Songnox one pack systems, Songlight hindered amine light stabilisers, Songsorb ultraviolet light absorbers, Songstab acid scavengers, Songstab PVC stabilisers, Songcat tin intermediates, Songbrite optical brighteners and Songcizer plasticisers for the plastics industry as well as lubricants, surface coating agents, polyurethane, alkyl phenols, biphenol, flocculants and other chemicals.
Shaanxi Qinfeng Agrochemical Inc has an annual production capacity of 400 metric tons of diafenthiuron, 600 metric tons of prochloraz, and around 5,000 metric tons of seed coating agents and preparations.
The complex for nuclear waste disposal can accommodate 30,000 tons of such water but it will take a while before it can store the liquid because TEPCO will try to ensure that radioactive water will not be leaked from the facility by using coating agents, the agency said.
For example, by working with different coating agents and adjusting our plasma processing recipe, we will deliver anti-misting, antimicrobial, scratch-resistant, friction reducing, fire-retardant, insect repellent and stain-resistant coatings, to name but a few.
Songwon produces Songnox antioxidants, Songlight hindered amine light stabilizers, Songsorb ultraviolet light absorbers, heat stabilizers for the plastics industry, and plasticizers, lubricants, surface coating agents, polyurethane, alkyl phenols, flocculants, and other chemicals.
Coating agents can be sprayed onto the fluidized product to coat particles.