Cobourg Peninsula

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Cobourg Peninsula,

Australia: see Coburg PeninsulaCoburg or Cobourg Peninsula
, c.50 mi (80 km) long and 25 mi (40 km) wide, N Northern Territory, Australia, E of Melville Island. It is a reserve for native flora and fauna.
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The following day, the adventure really begins to pick up pace with a four-hour drive through thick bush to a remote coastal outpost that falls inside Garig Gunak Barlu National Park and sits on the Cobourg Peninsula.
travel file | VENTURE North Safaris offers a range of excursions from May to October, with the five-day tour of Kakadu, Arnhem Land and Cobourg Peninsula starting from AUS$3,290 per person (PS1,931) on twin share, and includes full board and all touring (but not alcoholic drinks).
Mark Meekan and conservationist Paul de Gelder travel out to a remote wilderness called the Cobourg Peninsula in the Northern Territory of Australia.
The original release was made in the mid-19th century at the Dutch settlement on Cobourg Peninsula.
The other papers examine the politics within the expedition itself, the nature or character of some of the members - a delightful examination here by Bruce Birch of how the impact of biologist David H Johnson's activities on the Cobourg Peninsula have resonated down into the twenty-first century.
c) Apart from small coral islands, the closest substantial piece of land south of the Portuguese bases on Timor, Tanimbar and Aru are the Tiwi Islands and the Cobourg Peninsula.
Also in the Northern Territory, travellers can head back to nature at Peppers Seven Spirit Bay Wilderness Lodge in Garig Gunak Barlunational park on the Cobourg Peninsula in Arnhem Land.
Port Essington on the Northern Territory's Cobourg Peninsula was the destination of Ludwig Leichhardt's epic journey in 1844-45.
If you're really adventurous you can opt for a five-day canoe and 4WD tour of the wetlands and floodplains of the Northern Territory called Kakadu, Cobourg Peninsula and Arnhem Land.
Cobourg Peninsula Aboriginal Land and Wildlife Sanctuary
Populations on Melville Island (N = 15) and the Cobourg Peninsula (N = 14) were sampled nondestructively.