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sport of pitting gamecocks against one other. Though popular in ancient Greece, Persia, and Rome, cockfighting has been long opposed by clergy and humane groups. Massachusetts passed (1836) the first law in the United States forbidding cockfighting; England banned it in 1849. Cockfighting jousts take place in a small circular pit into which the gamecocks—specially bred and trained for fighting—are placed beak to beak by their handlers and then released. A combatant wins when its opponent is unable to fight, or is killed. Metal spurs, occasionally attached to the fowl's natural spurs, make action deadlier. The sport is still popular in Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia, the Philippines, and the Middle East, and—despite its illegality—parts of the United States. It is nearly always the focus of frenzied gambling, as anthropologist Clifford Geertz noted in his famous study on the Balinese cockfight (1973).
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This meant the authorities would have to catch the individuals responsible for sending the roosters into the ring, a difficult task at crowded cockfights.
Plaza argued that even the law that bans illegal cockfights, Presidential Decree No 449, or the Cockfighting Law, recognises that cockfighting is a vehicle for the preservation and perpetuation of native Filipino heritage that enhances national identity.
Before the fight begins, competing roosters are shown to the attending crowd so that bets can be made on which rooster is most likely to win," said a concerned resident who has attended several cockfights in the Kingdom.
After an explication of the "deep psychological identification of Balinese men with their cocks" (417) and the rituals of the cockfight and betting, Geertz enumerates the ways that this plays out the "status concerns" of the culture.
Cockfights almost always involve some form of illegal gambling.
This arrangement also eliminates the inevitable cockfights which occur if more than one rooster is present.
Proponents of cockfights have argued that it's part of traditional Hispanic culture, but the bishops declared, "It is not a cultural treasure.
In Leon, Nicaragua, our friendly hostel owners took us to an afternoon of cockfights.
Children manipulate them in a way that is indicative of the cockfights that are now illegal in Cuba.
The 250-seat theater has been used for circuses, cockfights and, more recently, filming part of "El Pecado Original" (as it was known here), with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie.
A visitor to eighteenth-century London would note the passionate devotion to wild sports and games such as cockfights, boxing and cards at White's or Boodles in St.
In the early days there were cockfights and bare-knuckle contests, and the tradition of side-shows and all the fun of the fair is an essential, integral part of the proceedings.