crew resource management

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crew resource management (CRM)

The process of training crews to reduce “pilot error” by making better use of the human resources on board. The human-error aspects of the majority of air crashes are failures of interpersonal communications, decision making, and leadership. The training program in CRM includes team building, briefing strategies, situational awareness, and stress management. Specific modules address decision making and breaking the chain of errors that can result in catastrophe. The program also includes understanding the limitations of human performance and error management strategies. In its original form, the concept was known as cockpit resource management, but it has been changed to crew resource management, recognizing that the cockpit represents only part of the team effort involved in flight.
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The AWACS flight-training device, which lacks a motion or visual system, is a realistic cockpit replica that will enable aircrews to receive instruction in essential elements of cockpit resource management and crew coordination.
Cockpit Resource Management is a far-reaching discussion of crew coordination, communication, and resources from both within and without the cockpit.
This station can be located anywhere in the world, and allows a trained ground station pilot to provide all the cockpit resource management and monitoring functions that would normally be performed from the co-pilot seat, to up to four airborne pilots.
The E-3 AWACS flight training device, although lacking a visual or motion system, enables aircrews to receive instruction in essential elements of cockpit resource management and crew coordination within a highly realistic cockpit environment.
Training includes all crew positions, refresher courses, cockpit resource management (initial and recurring), Instrument Refresher Courses, and the Instructor Preparatory Course.