Cocoa Butter

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cocoa butter

[′kō‚kō ‚bəd·ər]
A brown fat obtained from cacao seeds; melts at 30-35°C; used in the manufacture of chocolate, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Also known as cacao butter; oleum theobromatis; theobroma oil.

Cocoa Butter


a fatty pale yellow oil with a weak aromatic smell of cocoa; obtained from the beans of the cacao tree. The beans contain up to 50 percent cocoa butter. Cocoa butter contains tristearine and thus has a solid consistency at room temperature. It melts at a temperature of 30°-34°C. Cocoa butter is used in the confectionery industry as well as in the preparation of medicinal suppositories, ointments, and lipstick. Cocoa butter may be replaced by mixtures of hydrogenated fats.

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The formula for a large batch of the chocolate ration bars, Peterson said, was 160 parts chocolate, not less than 54 percent cocoa fat, 160 parts added cocoa fat, 30 parts oat flour, 20 parts dry powdered skim milk, 70 parts vanillin crystals, and enough sugar to make it palatable.
Grinding must be done gradually to minimize very fine particles, which would bind with the cocoa fat and result in liqour with poor flow characteristics.