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1. Music the final, sometimes inessential, part of a musical structure
2. a concluding part of a literary work, esp a summary at the end of a novel of further developments in the lives of the characters



(1) In poetics, a supplementary verse outside the firm strophic scheme (or firm combinations of strophes)—for example, in the sonnet, verses beyond 14 lines, and in the triolet, beyond eight lines. Broadly, a coda is the concluding part of a complex strophe differing from the main body in the arrangement of rhymes, number of feet, or other indications—for example, lines 5–7 of a strophe from Goethe’s The Bride of Corinth:

Nightly from my narrow chamber driven

Come I to fulfill my destin’d part

Him to seek to whom my troth was given

And to draw the life-blood from his heart.

He hath served my will;

More I yet must kill,

For another prey I now depart.

(2) In music, a concluding section that supplements the main part. The coda has a fixed character: it employs a tonic organ point, repetition of constructions of a closing character, and melodic-harmonic turns that recapitulate and summarize the work’s thematic material. In slow works the coda is usually even slower, creating a calming effect, and in fast pieces the coda’s tempo often increases. Large works with contrasting themes frequently introduce the theme of the middle section as a reminder into the coda.


(1) A distributed file system developed at Carnegie Mellon University in the late 1980s. Evolving from the Andrews File System, Coda is noted for its ability to withstand network failures. See AFS.

(2) A software company based in the U.K. that produces accounting software for mainframes, VAX and client/server environments. The parent company is the Coda Group, Plc. with U.S. offices in Manchester, NH.

(3) Earlier Web authoring software from RandomNoise, Inc., San Francisco, CA. It was used to generate very sophisticated websites that were built in Java rather than HTML codes. Coda itself is written in Java.
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CODA has now also announced its early adoption for the Microsoft Office 2007 family and plans to launch versions of its products to take full advantage of the significant enhancements offered by Office 2007.
Here, I'd say the Coda 7s and Celestion 3s acquitted themselves well on both the Linn and the Mac/ Carver.
As long as such contributions are subject to the CODA rules and restrictions, they may be counted for ADP test purposes.
CODA creates, markets and implements a comprehensive range of software systems designed specifically to meet the needs of Financial Directors and Finance Departments.
In February 2014, CODA Energy 40kWh high-voltage system became the first commercial scale energy storage system specifically targeted for behind-the-meter use to be subjected to UL 1973 and pass.
It can be implemented in a staged approach, taking no more than a few days to get started with a pilot, and creates minimal disruption for finance, CODA insists.
As the fastest-growing platform for CODA deployments, Microsoft has proved its commitment to supporting CODA technologies," said Jeremy Roche, CEO of CODA Group.
Furthermore, CODA Version 9e may be implemented in less than a day due to its 'load and go' capability, according to the company.
Ivanov and his team bring a wealth of knowledge from the enterprise financial software industry, and in addition to their strong track records in sales, will draw upon experience in alliances, channels and product marketing, which will be crucial as CODA looks to take CODA 2go into new sectors.
Our behind-the-meter active and interconnected storage systems range from a 40kWh UL listed energy storage appliance to this 1,054 kWh scaled and tailored aggregation solution," said Peter Nortman, COO and CTO at CODA Energy.
Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY), a leading global technology provider of financial Business Process Management (fBPM) software and managed services, has signed a UK partnership agreement with CODA Group, the finance systems specialist.
These features, CODA says, can turn planning from a monthly or quarterly job to a nonstop, high-participation activity that can deliver real bottom line impact.