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It's the spiritual aspect of Cohen's huge body of work that Perla Batalla, a former backup singer for the bard, aims to illuminate at Saturday's tribute concert to Cohen at UCLA's Royce Hall.
Added Cohen, "The Meatpacking District is like SoHo was 10-15 years ago, with its many height and landmark restrictions, only it has more limited space, making it even more desirable and driving rents higher.
Cohen, senior vice president of state relations and director of education for the Reinsurance Association of America, based in Washington, D.
Oblivious to current trends, Cohen blissfully fills some songs with dated keyboards and sax fills, and inserts his own incongruous Jew's harp licks in the midst of others.
This makes our 10th location within the Cohen Brothers network," says Cohen, who notes that Springfield lies within the Columbus-Dayton-Cincinnati zone served by the company.
His work ranges from elliptical, diary-like shorts to elaborate multichannel installation pieces, but Cohen is probably best known for his two dense, sidewinding, feature-length music films, Instrument (1999) and Benjamin Smoke (2000), collaborations with the band Fugazi and with filmmaker Peter Sillen, respectively.
Cohen argued the $60,000 transfer did not satisfy the requirements of section 408(d)(6) since the court order had directed an equal division of the $120,000 IRA but had not required a new IRA be established to receive the rollover.
The peace this book will describe," Cohen explains eloquently in her introduction, "was forged not in back rooms and ministerial chambers but in arenas of broad public participation, in soup kitchens and makeshift local pension offices, homes for orphaned children and villas turned lazarets.
I think we all knew it was a once in-a-life-time experience," says Cohen of that Cinderella-story triumph.
As Bruno, Cohen gets a fashion designer to contradict himself over and over again without batting an eye, going along with diametrically opposed interpretations of his work.
A CONSUMERS' REPUBLIC The Politics of Mass Consumption in Postwar America by Lizabeth Cohen Alfred A.
Everyone loves trees," says geographer Shaul Ephraim Cohen, an assistant professor at the University of Oregon in Eugene.