Cold Injury

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cold injury

[′kōld ‚in·jə·rē]
Physical trauma following exposure to very low temperatures.

Cold Injury


a type of injury (trauma) in which low environmental temperature is the traumatizing agent. Cold injury is manifested mainly by frostbite and chilblain. A serious form of cold injury is freezing, which results from many hours of exposure to extreme cold and may occur when the affected person is in a state of alcohol intoxication. Freezing is a condition dangerous to life that involves not local changes, as in frostbite, but a generalized morbid reaction of the entire body. In cases of freezing, reanimation measures (measures for reviving the body’s vital functions) are required.

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In cold outdoor climates the complex planning of appropriate combinations of clothing ensembles is important to ensure prevention of cold injury.
Normally, a cold injury will occur at an extremity, such as fingers, toes, nose or ears, but this was a new one to me, and purely a result of the worsening conditions.
Cold injury that destroyed tip growth by freezing buds and stem growth should be cut away to prevent deadwood from spreading rot throughout the plant.