Cold Injury

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cold injury

[′kōld ‚in·jə·rē]
Physical trauma following exposure to very low temperatures.

Cold Injury


a type of injury (trauma) in which low environmental temperature is the traumatizing agent. Cold injury is manifested mainly by frostbite and chilblain. A serious form of cold injury is freezing, which results from many hours of exposure to extreme cold and may occur when the affected person is in a state of alcohol intoxication. Freezing is a condition dangerous to life that involves not local changes, as in frostbite, but a generalized morbid reaction of the entire body. In cases of freezing, reanimation measures (measures for reviving the body’s vital functions) are required.

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Thirteen of the 14 cold injury deaths were due to hypothermia; 11 of these occurred in males.
Specialist Dr Howard Oakely diagnosed a "gross" case of nonfreezing cold injury - trench foot - and wrote in his medical report: "I am very concerned that he appears to have been deterred from seeking medical attention and has suffered from pain for over a year.
All that trapped air insulates the body against heat loss and prevents cold injury.
Instead many eastern farmers saw more widespread evidence of winter cold injury than they expected based on estimates made earlier this year.
The trapped air insulates your hands against heat loss and prevents cold injury.
It is less prone to lodging and cold injury than most semidwarf club cultivars.
There are certainly indirect effects of rootstocks that may help a vine to resist cold injury or delay bud break.
1980), a patented cultivar showing an intermediate level of cold tolerance: TR6-3(DDI), an experimental from Crenshaw/Douget Turfgrass of Austin, TX, exhibiting an intermediate level of cold tolerance: and two plant introductions (PI 410356 and PI 410358) from South Africa that are highly susceptible to cold injury (Philley, 1994).
Cold injury can seriously impact the shoot root connections.
Cold injury has caused major losses of winter wheat production.
Stushnoff (1980) Relationship of low emperature exotherms to cold injury in Vitis riparia Michx.