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Coldframes consist of a wooden or concrete block frame with heat supplied by solar radiation through glass or another transparent covering.
You can use them as the walls and door of a compost bin, take them apart and build coldframes from the lumber, or at the very least, use them as firewood, cutting down on your heating expense.
Cover them in compost and keep the tray in a coldframe or unheated greenhouse.
Teena Garay of Homer, Alaska, gets an early start on annuals, perennials, and vegetables by growing seedlings in a coldframe designed and built by her husband, Pete.
All you need to protect sweet peas in winter is a simple makeshift coldframe with a lid.
Place in a greenhouse, coldframe or cold windowsill - germination should take two or three weeks.
Take root cuttings of border phlox, oriental poppies and verbascum and put them into a coldframe or greenhouse.
10 Check on greenhouse heaters, coldframe lights and general safety of electricity supplies in the garden.
CHECK plants in the greenhouse, coldframe, conservatory or porch for greenfly - they are already about, sucking your plants' sap
In milder parts of the intermountain West, start perennials such as delphinium, hellebore, pansy, primula, veronica, and viola in a coldframe or greenhouse for transplanting when at least two sets of true leaves appear.
Having operated one (technically a coldframe, as it is unheated) for years, I'll try to offer some advice based upon my experience.