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The first leaf of a monocotyledon seedling.



the first leaf of cereal grasses, which has no blade and consists of a closed tubule. It is colorless, green, or reddish. The coleoptile encloses and protects the young sprout, the plumule, and the growing point of the stem. It penetrates the soil with its hard apex, which then ruptures; causing the grain to sprout. A new leaf emerges from the top of the coleoptile. The coleoptile, which subsequently dries up, apparently is the middle part of the cotyledon.

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With the roots extending deeper into the ground, the plant not only becomes more resistant to drought but is also healthier due to its long coleoptile to emerge to the surface from deeper soil.
Summary of the analysis of variance for the first count (FC), germination (G), electrical conductivity(EC), coleoptile length (CL) and radicle length (RL).
further observed that the guttation of Zea mays coleoptiles increased
The experiment was performed in triplicate with 5 coleoptile fragments and 2 mL of extract, control solution or oxyfluorfen.
Darwin's experiments with the oat coleoptile showed that cells on the dark side of the stem elongate more rapidly than those on the light side.
Idaho 587 is most similar to the cultivar Stephens with an unpigmented coleoptile, dark-green foliage, and a prostrate to semi-erect fall growth habit.
This theory states that when higher concentrations of the plant hormone IAA occur on the shaded side of the coleoptile in response to light, there is accelerated growth in this region.
An achene was considered germinated following emergence of the radicle and coleoptile, which usually occurred simultaneously.
A test called the Avena coleoptile test has shown that a freshly cut tip replaced on one side of the coleoptile stump will promote more growth on that side than on the other side (Figure 4-4).
The rice coleoptile is highly sensitive to gravity, and the abundance of amyloplasts can be controlled by submerged growth.
When a rice seed germinates, plant parts called the mesocotyl and coleoptile are the first to push forth.
Rest three isoenzymes were isolated from coleoptile using extraction buffer (0.